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Lois Aaron interview, 02 November 2011

Lois Aaron is 91 and has lived in Shaker Tower since 1998. Lois grew up in Cleveland but spent a number of years living in New Hampshire where she worked at Dartmouth College and ran an inn with her husband. In this interview Lois talks about living in Shaker Tower and describes some of the people that she knew when she moved in. Lois also relates some of the memories she had growing up in Cleveland prior to moving to NH. Of particular interest is her involvement in League of Women Voters and…

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Rachel Abernethy interview, 17 April 2017

Rachel Abernethy joined the Cleveland Hiking Club in 1980. In this very short interview, she recalls several memorable hikes and reflects on how the club afforded an opportunity for members to forge deep and lasting friendships.

Maurice Abood interview, 01 April 2016

Maurice Abood, Vice President of Aladdin's Baking Company, explains how the business came into being in Cleveland, OH as well as his immigration to Cleveland from, Aitaneet, a village in the Beqaa Valley in Lebanon. He details his transfer from working as a bartender at the local Sheraton hotel to establishing one of the most successful businesses in pita bread making and Lebanese cuisine in the heart of Cleveland.

Lena Aburaad interview, 22 March 2017

Lena Aburaad is a Palestinian and works as an Arabic instructor at CSU. She graduated from CSU with a B.A. in Speech and Hearing and a Master in Education. She was born in Amman and grew up in the UAE. She has 2 girls and 2 boys. She came with her family to Cleveland in 1992 as a result of the First Gulf War. They chose Cleveland because her husband's brother was living in the city. Her father began a new newspaper called al-Bayan in Dubai. The challenges that Lena faced when she arrived in…

Hope Adelstein and Stanley I. Adelstein Interview, April 2008

Hope and Stanley Adelstein, lifelong residents of Cleveland Heights, discuss their experiences as supporters of the Shaker Lakes Nature Center. The couple describe their role in the grassroots battle to stop highway construction through the Shaker Lakes during the 1960s, which laid the groundwork for the creation of the Center. The Adelsteins were also involved with the founding of the Cuyahoga Valley National Park, which is discussed in some detail. Stanley Adelstein, an active member of the…

Russell Adkins interview, 2006

Russel Adkins discusses his work as a poet and the relationship of the arts to the city of Cleveland. A graduate of Central High School, Adkins remembers Cleveland as an artistic hub and historicizes artistic movements in the city that was home to Llangston Hughes and the "Black Arts Movement," the Ohio Poetry Society, Freelance Magazine and other publications, and beatniks. Adkins poetic accomplishments and publications in magazines such as Experiment are situated alongside his discussion of…

Pat Agatisa interview, 20 August 2021

Pat Agatisa is a newer member of the Village Garden Club in Shaker Heights. She discusses growing up in New York City, living in Pittsburgh, and moving to Shaker Heights in the early 2000s to a house on Green Lake. She discusses her leading role in overseeing the upkeep of the garden club’s Cherry Tree Grove at Horseshoe Lake. Agatisa describes how the club accepted its first male member, reflects on how the club dealt with the Covid-19 pandemic, and shares gardening tips.

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Maria Agosto Interview, 20 September 2014

In this brief interview, Maria Agosto discusses coming to Cleveland State University (CSU) and pursuing a degree in Urban Affairs. She mentions how happy she is with the transformation of Euclid Avenue, and she is very impressed with the progress that CSU seems to be making. She continues by talking about other renovations within Downtown Cleveland.

Maria Agosto interview, 31 July 2017

Maria Agosto explains how the Hispanic community on the Near West Side, specifically in the Metro West neighborhood, is affected by various social and economic issues, including impending gentrification, the lack of a strong Hispanic professional culture, and the inadequate awareness of helpful community programs and services. Much of Agosto's professional career has focused on the empowerment of young professionals. She suggests that the neighborhood will be strengthened through an investment…

Monte Ahuja, Interview, 04 August 2014

This interview was conducted as part of Cleveland State University's 50th Anniversary Comemmoration effort. Monte Ahuja, currently the CEO of Mura Holdings and founder of the Transtar automotive distribution company, was born in India and emigrated to the United States in 1968 after recieving a bachelors degree in mechanical engineering. He emigrated in order to pursue a masters degree in mechanical engineering at The Ohio State University. After he completed his degree at OSU he entered the PhD…

Isam al-Zaem interview, 04 April 2019

Isam al-Zaem is a Syrian. He arrived in Cleveland in 1974 and worked for many years as a pharmacist. Now he is retired. He is married and has one daughter. He is now active in CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations) and the Islamic center in Parma. He is involved in interfaith dialogues to promote mutual understanding and build cultural and religious bridges between people. He urges fellow Americans to not rely only on media to learn about Islam, rather through close and direct connection…

Albert Albano interview, 01 August 2006

Albert Albano, Executive Director of the Intermuseum Conservation Association (ICA), describes the mission and operations of the ICA and its involvement in the preservation of WPA art. Albano goes into detail about regional styles of art and specific pieces of important WPA art in Cleveland.

Theresa Alessi Interview, 25 Aug 2006

Theresa Alessi discusses her memories of shopping downtown with her mother as a child and riding the Dinky. She also discusses swimming in the West Creek that runs through Parma, Ohio and how the area where she grew up has changed.

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Todd Alexander Interview, 03 May 2010

Todd Alexander recently moved to Cleveland in the Ohio City neighborhood. He is working on establishing a market garden called Central Roots in Ohio City with the hopes of providing fresh produce for the local neighborhood. Todd Alexander majored in sustainability at Baldwin Wallace and has been active in other sustainability programs with the city of Cleveland. Todd discusses the phenomenon of “food deserts” and the hope that Central Roots will become an asset to the neighborhood.

Sherlynn Allen-Harris Interview, 11 July 2008

Sherlynn Allen-Harris discusses John Hay High School. She gives a short recap of its history, but concentrates especially on the environment and programs at the school since it was reopened after the renovations in 2006.

Cynthia Harris Allen interview, 29 September 2018

Cynthia Harris-Allen was born in 1946 and grew up in the Mt. Pleasant neighborhood on Cleveland's East Side. She discusses her father's work as a bricklayer and how he was among the first African Americans in the Bricklayers & Masons Local 5 union; racial discrimination faced by Black builders and building tradesmen; her father's jazz band; the racial makeup and businesses of her neighborhood growing up in the mid-20th century; hanging out at Shaker Square and trick or treating at Halloween in…

Doris Allen Interview, 4 August 2013

Doris Allen was originally born in Shelby, Alabama, and moved to Cleveland when she was two years old. She had a very established great uncle living in Cleveland, Robert Hardy, who was the first African American to own property east of East 55th Street in Cleveland. Her father was drafted into the Army when she was 9, and their family moved back to the South for one year while he served. She returned to Cleveland, moved into the Glenville neighborhood. She enjoyed her education in Glenville,…

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Walter Allen Interview, 2008

Walter Allen, an artist and active participant in West Creek preservation, details his life and work as a designer for the organization. Born in the 1920s, Allen's story highlights not only his work with West Creek and carreer as an artist, it highlights the historical impact of national events on the city of Cleveland. Allen, a product of the GI bill and graduate of the Cleveland Institute of Art, details this and other elements of history in relation to the greater Cleveland area.

Abdullah Almualem interview, 28 May 2016

Abdullah Almualem is the director of AACCESS-Ohio, an organization that at one time in Cleveland was thriving and helping Arab immigrants settle into the area. The organization is located on Cleveland's west side, near West 117th and Lorain Ave., an area designated by the city of Cleveland as 'Little Arabia'. Abdullah explains why he immigrated from Aleppo, Syria in 1994 to Cleveland and why he believes Aaccess to be integral to a prosperous immigrant population seeking to assimilate into…

Jose Feliciano and Sister Alicia Alvarado interview, 18 September 2017

Sister Alvarado and Jose Feliciano are both active in the Hispanic community. She was only a junior in High School when she worked in a storefront campaign office to help Carl Stokes run for Mayor. He made history by becoming Cleveland's first Hispanic chief prosecuting attorney. This 2017 interview was collected as part of a yearlong, community-wide commemoration of the 50th anniversary of Carl Stokes' election as mayor of Cleveland.

Donita Anderson Interview, 16 July 2012

Donita Anderson is the executive director of the North Union Farmers Market in Shaker Heights. A biologist and chef, Anderson discusses her journey in bringing local farm markets to the Cleveland area and expresses her concern regarding environmental issues that may affect local agriculture's near future. Additionally, she shares her historical knowledge of the religious community that established the Shaker area, and emphasizes the contributions of women in the community.

Anonymous Interview, 2010

A lifelong Clevelander discusses his memories of the Short Vincent area in downtown Cleveland and a few of the establishments throughout the surrounding area. From his earliest memories of visiting the Roxy Burlesque House in his teens to his final memories of the area, the life of Short Vincent and its decline are discussed. Among the establishments referenced are the 730 Lounge, the Roxy, and Jean's Fun house.

Father Anaras Antal and Robert Purgert Interview, 2011

This is an interview conducted with Father Anaras Antal, Pastor of St. Elizabeth of Hungary and Robert Purgert, Parish Council Chairman. A little background is given about Father Antal and then the history of St. Elizabeth since the 1890s and the founding pastor Father Karolyn Boehm . The church was built in 1893. Construction of a school followed and had an enrollment of 1114 students by 1918. St. Elizabeth was the first Hungarian church in the United States. The next part of the interview…

Father Andras Antar and Bob Pergert Interview, 2011

St. Elizabeth's of Hungary was formed in 1892. The parish acted as not only a place for the members of the congregation to seek spiritual guidance, but also acted a place for people to socialize. St. Elizabeth's of Hungary also had a school that opened in the 1920s, but was eventually closed in 1961.

Marilyn Anthony Interview, 14 July 2006

Marilyn Anthony, a lifetime citizen of the west side of Cleveland discusses Cleveland's past and future. Marilyn recalls her experiences in Cleveland and describes her present role as a member of the Retired Senior Volunteer Group. Finally, she addresses current projects in Cleveland and the priorities of the city.

Marilyn Anthony interview, 13 September 2006

Marilyn Anthony was born in Cleveland and describes growing up in Ohio City. She remembers the various European enclaves that were present in the area, specifically mentioning Hungarians and Gypsies. She shares her experiences of walking to the West Side Market, bakeries, butchers, and other local shops. Anthony also mentions her relationship to the multitude of ethnic Catholic churches in the area. Finally, Anthony discusses the changes in the neighborhood and how it impacted residents.

Anthony Anzalone interview, 09 February 2006

In this 2006 interview, Anthony Anzalone, a long time resident of the Detroit-Shoreway neighborhood, talks about his life experiences in this west side neighborhood of Cleveland. Mr. Anzalone grew up in the neighborhood in the 1950s and recounts memories of his Italian grandfather, who played a trumpet in a local band, playing at the Lady of Mount Carmel annual festival and parade. Mr. Anzalone also talks about Our Lady of Mount Carmel as an anchor of the community, and about Father Marino who…

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Barb Appel interview, 09 November 2017

Barb Appel joined the Cleveland Hiking Club in 1985. After returning from a hike on her own at Mount Washington, she did a 10-mile hike with the club at the North Chagrin Reservation, and was hooked. She recalls favorite people, hikes and trips, including 16 Ridges and her five 40-mile hikes, and trips to England, Alaska, Washington, New Mexico, and Tennessee, as well as weekend trips.

Wayne Arneson and Gaile Schafer Interview, 2011

Mr. Arneson and Ms. Schafer traced the history of the congregation from East 82nd. and Euclid Avenue to three independent Unitarian congregations in Cleveland Heights, Shaker Heights, and Rocky River. Details of Unitarian history dating back to the pilgrims were noted as well as Cleveland's churches beginning in the mid-1800's. The church focuses upon this world initiatives and multi-culture inclusion and acceptance. The social justice perspective drives their art activities within the…

Anna Arnold Interview, 29 October 2008

Cleveland portrait artist Anna Arnold discusses her love of drawing and painting as a child, encouragement from her parents and teachers, and her ambitions to attend the Cleveland Institute of Art and become a "famous Cleveland artist." She found inspiration at the Cleveland Museum of Art, especially in the work of the Impressionists. Influential CIA teachers included Mo Brooker, Joseph Cintron, and Van Duser. Arnold discusses the importance of bright colors in her work, and the support of…

Nate Arnold Interview, 2011

Mr. Arnold tells of the Anshe Chesed congregation in Cleveland from its' beginnings in the 1800's and original temple in the Market District (Progressive Field). Later, the congregation built a temple on Scovill Avenue and later at Euclid Avenue and East 82nd Street (the current Liberty Hill Baptist Church). By the 1950's much of Cleveland's Jewish population moved to the heights and congregations sought new temple locations near their home. The Anshe Chesed congregation purchased land in…

Robert Arnold interview, 25 October 2016

Originally from Massachusetts, Robert Arnold discusses growing up during the Depression. He moved to Cleveland to be closer to his wife's family, who were longtime Clevelanders. Arnold actively served in World War II and explains in detail his involvement in the war. After the war Arnold became involved in the real estate business. He speaks to the integration of Cleveland neighborhoods. He enjoyed being involved in the local government and was elected Mayor of Cleveland Heights.

Robert H. Arnold Interview, 25 March 2014

Robert H. Arnold born in Massachusetts, but made his mark in Cleveland Heights, Ohio. Arnold begins his story by discussing his time during World War Two, and he mentions several harrowing experiences he had abroad, and challenging experiences he had once he came back state-side. After his time in the war, Arnold had several offers. He could have studied law at Yale or became part of an executive training program at General Electric, a program that he had begun before the war. instead of these…

Gloria Aron interview, 09 June 2007

In this 2007 interview, Gloria Aron, a lifelong resident of the Detroit Shoreway area of Cleveland, talks about her experiences living on West 81st Street, and her involvement in a number of projects as a community activist. She talks about the problems of the poor, the homeless, and the working class in her neighborhood. She also discusses government programs that have worked to alleviate neighborhood problems; and others that have not. She comments on the Cleveland School system, and…

Gloria Aron interview, 14 July 2017

Gloria Aron is a long time Detroit Shoreway community resident. From her first taste of grassroots activism in the struggle to desegregate Cleveland Public Schools, Aron has continued to devote her life to giving back to her fellow man. Aron talks about how there are two sections of Detroit Shoreway and that adequate low-income housing is a major issue plaguing her community. She also discusses why she holds community development organizations in such low-esteem.

Herb Arron Interview, 05 May 2010

Herb Arron works with the Africa Community Village Garden. He discusses the importance of having a garden and green space in communities to provide a local access to nature. The garden is a vegetable garden and the produce is distributed to the community and he hopes that any excess could be sold at farmer’s markets around town. Herb also discusses the hopes of partnering with one of the local schools to allow the students to have a hands on experience with gardening. He also mentions that the…

Elsa Arsic interview, 01 September 2021

Elsa Arsic was born in 1936 in Grutschno, West Prussia. Arsic describes her time in Germany, constantly moving to survive the war, with her younger sister and mother. Her father served in the German military, was wounded in the battle of Stalingrad, and killed in battle in Hungary in 1945. After the war Arsic's mother wrote to her aunt and uncle, who lived on a farm in the United States. In 1956 the family was sponsored by the Lutheran Church and her mother, despite Arsic’s displeasure, moved…

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Herb Ascherman, 20 June 2012

In this 2012 interview, Herb Ascherman talks about his experience as a longtime Shaker resident. He focuses on Shaker Heights education and the elitist attitude that he thinks was instilled in Shaker Heights students in the 1950s and 1960s. He describes current and past race relations, and the problems Shaker now faces as a community. Later in the interview, Mr. Ascherman tells stories of his childhood and of visits to restaurants in Shaker, Coventry Village, and the ever-growing ethnic…

Pamela Ashley Interview, 11 July 2013

Pamela Ashley, a lifelong Cleveland resident, talks about her life and experiences. She was born in Cleveland and moved to Cleveland Heights in the seventh grade. She describes her travels across the country with her immediate family to visit her extended family. She talks about what she did for fun, which included dances and house parties. She also talks about her education at Dyke College, and then her employment at Standard Oil and the United States Postal Service. She also talks about the…

Irene and Michel Farah interview, 12 November 2016

Irene and Michel Farah are Palestinian Americans who came to Cleveland, which they love, in 1972 for medical training. Michel is a cardiologist studied at the American University of Beirut and Irene has a Master’s in French literature from Case University. The both from the city of Jerusalem, which, plays a significant role in their life and identity. They have two girls and two boys. Irene and Michel believe it is of great important to preserve their Arabic culture as well as the Palestinian…

Tim Atkinson Interview, 2008

An equipment operator and work leader, Tim Atkinson his role in the Park staff. Discussed are the means by which Atkinson evolved from a volunteer position to a leader in various projects and the challenges posed to staff personell. These include the seasonality of trails, seasonality of staffing, and the extensive flooding damage to the Towpath. Atkinson discusses also the successes of the Towpath project in terms of improving the quality of life and the ability of the visitor centeer to…

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Karen Ault interview, 13 October 2016

This interview was conducted for the purpose of gaining insight to the organization East Side Inter-faith Ministries (ESIM) of Cleveland, Ohio. Although information regarding this topic was discussed, the interview also encompassed other topics. The common thread in the interview was the Presbyterian mission of social justice and activism. Karen Ault's life story was told through this interview. She explained how the Presbyterian faith was a constant and important factor in the trajectory of her…

Mary Anne Auner Interview, 2010

Cleveland resident Mary Auner discusses her memories of Short Vincent and the surrounding neighborhood as a young adult. The Roxy, Theatrical Grill, and Jean's Fun House are discussed as well as the East 9th Street Pier. Suburbanization is discussed as the leading factor for Short Vincent's demise.

Dick Austin Interview, 9 July 2008

Dick Austin discusses the history of the Austin Company which his great grandfather had founded. The company was a large designer and builder of industrial facilities. He relates various major projects of the company through the years including Nela Park, the Boeing factory, and its involvement in a Russian automotive complex.

Sam Awad Interview, 17 July 2006

Sam Awad discusses his life here in Cleveland after moving here from Egypt as a teenager. He discusses his work history and how he purchased several businesses in the St. Clair Superior neighborhood. Among his concerns for the future of the area are a need for more police, a desire to see more home owners in the area, and a return to hard working mentality among Americans.

Frank Awender interview, 18 March 2019

Frank Awender was born in 1924 in Neuburg, Romania. He is one of the founding members of the Society of the Donauschwaben in Cleveland which is now the Donauschwaben German American Cultural Center (DGACC). Awender served in the German army and tells stories about his service in the Third German Panzer Division. He was captured near the end of the war and eventually escaped and joined his mother in Kolberg, Germany. There he learned the construction trade. In 1952, Frank immigrated to Cleveland.…

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Frank Azman interview, 07 July 2015

Frank Azman, third generation owner of Azman & Sons market discusses the business his faimly has operated in Cleveland since 1924. Mr. Azman talks about how the business got started, his process of making Slovenian sausage, some of the original equipment since in use in the shop, and what the market was like in its heyday.

Annette Bailey Interview, 3 July 2014

Annette Bailey has worked at the Karamu House since 1970, when she was hired as its secretary to the executive director. In this interview she recounts various productions that Karamu has put on over the years and her view on how things have changed over time.

Lawrence Baker Interview, 03 December 2008

Artist Lawrence Baker discusses his life and career. Born in Jacksonville, Florida, in 1947, Baker moved to Cleveland in the late 1960s. Baker's early education lacked art programs, so he looked over his brother's shoulder for art inspiration. Art is Baker's own endeavor, and he considers himself as the sole motivator for his artwork. He challenges himself to find individuality in his artwork and to be recognized by the art community. Baker identifies himself first as an artist, then as African…