Fairfax and Glenville (USRA 2014)

Interviews in this series were collected by undergraduate students at Cleveland State University under the supervision of Drs. Mark Souther and Regennia Williams, with funding from the Office of the Provost. The series focuses on the African American experience in the Fairfax and Glenville neighborhoods. Some of the interviews reflect collaborations with Antioch Baptist Church, Fairfax Renaissance Development Corporation, Famicos Foundation, Karamu House, Senior Outreach Services of Cleveland, and Union Grove Baptist Church.

Michael R. White is the former mayor of the city of Cleveland, Ohio. This 2014 interview covers a range of topics, including White's student government activism at Ohio State University and his political career in Cleveland.

Willa Morgan was born in Tuskegee, Alabama, and her family moved to Dayton, OH when she was 5. After one of her friends opened a salon in Cleveland, OH, Willa and another friend of hers moved to Cleveland to work. Willa later opened up her own salon,…

Peter Lawson Jones, a Cleveland native, is a member of the Board of Directors at Karamu House and also the Event Manager for the Karamu House Hall of Fame. Jones shares about how he became involved with Karamu House after working in the political…

Dionne Thomas Carmichael discusses growing up in the Fairfax area, the changes in the community and her hopes for its future

Renee Howard Bonner describes growing up at Union Grove and the aspects of the church that have changed and the aspects that have stayed the same.