Isam al-Zaem interview, 04 April 2019

Isam al-Zaem is a Syrian. He arrived in Cleveland in 1974 and worked for many years as a pharmacist. Now he is retired. He is married and has one daughter. He is now active in CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations) and the Islamic center in Parma. He is involved in interfaith dialogues to promote mutual understanding and build cultural and religious bridges between people. He urges fellow Americans to not rely only on media to learn about Islam, rather through close and direct connection to Muslims by visiting mosques and getting to know Muslims better. He believes that the story of the Arabs in the US in general and Cleveland in particular is a story of great success.

~ “Isam al-Zaem interview, 04 April 2019,” Cleveland Voices, accessed September 21, 2019,

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