Arab Community in Cleveland

These interviews comprise stories from the Arab American community in Cleveland. The educational, political, religious, and socio-economic backgrounds of the interviewees are diverse in scope and shed light into the unique contributions Arabs have made to their local communities since immigrating to Cleveland dating from the 1950s onward. Interviews were conducted by Dr. Abed Tayyara, associate professor of Arabic and Middle Eastern Studies and director of Middle Eastern Studies at CSU and Ms. Rania Assily, assistant professor of History at Tri-C.



  • Abedelraman Tayyara
  • Rania Assily


  • Maurice Abood
  • Abdullah Almualem
  • Abdullah Mina
  • Mary Harami
  • Fadi Karim
  • Michael Farah
  • Irene Farah
  • Mary Rose Oakar
  • Mohamadnur Hassan
  • Sayyid Sadiq
  • Fatemah Sammoor
  • Lena Aburaad
  • Isam al-Zaem


  • Rania Assily
  • Abedelraman Tayyara