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Cleveland Voices contains over one thousand interviews. These research guides are designed to help users navigate the archive.

Understanding Collections

Cleveland Voices contains a wide range of interviews of varying provenance. Interviews are typically organized into dedicated collections. This guide provides an overview of some of the different types of collections.

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Thematic Guides

While the collections framework provides a useful means to research more targeted topics, some broader themes can be found across multiple collections, making for a less linear research process.

African American Experience

Many African American men and women recount their experiences and accomplishments in the Cleveland area through interviews included in the Cleveland Regional Oral History Collection, illustrating themes of both struggle and success.

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Women's Experience

History can teach many subjects, but there is much to learn from what history has left out. Many times, women’s experience in history remains untold. The Cleveland Regional Oral History Collection contains the interviews of many women and their varied experiences in the Cleveland area.

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