Seven Hills Golden Agers

A series of interviews conducted by Center staff with a small contingent of residents at the Seven Hills Senior Center in Seven Hills, Ohio, in conjunction with the Euclid Corridor History Project. Memories of downtown shopping are prominent in this series.

Robert R. Gutzky gives a description of the stores and street life along Euclid Ave. from the 1940s through the present. He also alludes to the decline of Euclid Ave. and the areas future.

Dr. Miller discusses her early education and attending school with Howard Metzenbaum. She also discusses her occupation as an attorney, her law firm in Seven Hills, and life there.

Ruth Graskemper recalls her experiences with downtown Cleveland during her youth and how great it was to be in Cleveland at this time. In detail, she discusses Vaudeville at Playhouse Square, Christmas shopping, and how the downtown has changed.

Theresa Alessi discusses her memories of shopping downtown with her mother as a child and riding the Dinky. She also discusses swimming in the West Creek that runs through Parma, Ohio and how the area where she grew up has changed.

Anne Forgas discusse various aspects of downtown Cleveland including the Alpine Village, shopping for the Christmas season, and the decline of Euclid Avenue as a destination for shopping.