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Katherine Malmquest interview, 15 January 2019

Katherine Malmquest is a relatively new member of the Cleveland Hiking Club. She talks about the "East side sunrise hikers" and about the focus on mileage versus social aspects of the club. Katherine also talks about some members that she especially admires.

Bob McLaughlin interview, 06 June 2018

Bob McLaughlin recounts how he joined the Cleveland Hiking Club, his years as camp chair, trips to Niagara Falls, Kentucky, Redwoods, and day trips in Ohio, how he led Hobo Hikes for many years, and changes in the club over the years.

Sharon Horvath interview, 29 May 2018

Sharon Horvath, a self-described tomboy in her youth, felt that rediscovered her childhood when she joined the Cleveland Hiking Club. She describes some of the more challenging hikes, her wedding to a fellow member at camp, the steak roast that they hosted for many years, improvements at the camp, leading trips, and the personal benefits she has received by being a club member.

Dave and Denise Tobiasz interview, 29 May 2018

Dave and Denise Tobiasz joined the Cleveland Hiking Club in 1994. They discuss a number of trips that they led, some of the funny things that happened on those trips, and some of the special people they met in the club including Emily Gregor and Jim Sprague. They talk about changes over the years, weekend getaways, and how much behind-the-scenes work it takes to make the club work.

Lee and Carol Schiemann interview, 20 August 2017

Lee and Carol Schiemann joined the Cleveland Hiking Club in 1988. They had started hiking seriously when Lee was transferred for work to England. They lived in a small town where everyone used the "footpaths" recreationally. When they returned to the US, they began to hike regularly with the Cleveland Hiking Club and especially enjoyed many of the excursions.

Marcia Steffen interview, 24 March 2018

Marcia Steffen shares her passion for math, and her love of the outdoors and the Cleveland Hiking Club. She worked at NACA, which later became known as NASA. Once she joined the CHC, she hiked, led hikes, and was an officer.

Norma Delp interview, 28 March 2018

Norma Delp joined the Cleveland Hiking Club in 1987. She talks about her musical family, her early work history at Cleveland Pneumatic Tool, and joining the club. She is very involved with long hike support (26 and 40-mile hikes) and keeping the CHC camp in good shape. She also talks about special old-time members.

Ruth Skuly and Leo Deininger interview, 08 December 2017

Ruth Skuly and Leo Deininger joined the Cleveland Hiking Club in 1974. Along with discussing their earlier experiences in hiking with other leaders, they describe how they found leading hikes in Ohio counties to be most satisfying and took on the role of organizing such hikes.

Jeanne Henry interview, 24 January 2018

Jeanne Henry joined the club in 1999. Having been well-prepared athletically, she ventured into hiking as her primary venue. Not only has she completed five 40-mile hikes but has done so as an older adult. She expresses her sadness in the loss of her hike leader on a hike. She ends voicing pleasure that her family who at one time did not hike are now hiking and assumes this will go on.

Don Hoffman interview, 29 June 2017

Don Hoffman talks about his participation with Cleveland Hiking Club starting in 1985, including reasons for joining, social experiences, a club excursion to New River Gorge, and changes he has observed in the club over the years.

Mila Mandic interview, 08 November 2017

Mila Mandic joined the Cleveland Hiking Club in 1989 when she was working and single. It was the start of lifelong traveling for her. She remembers favorite hike leaders, and trips including the Colorado Rockies, Bryce and Zion, Washington State, France, England, and Argentina.

Barb Appel interview, 09 November 2017

Barb Appel joined the Cleveland Hiking Club in 1985. After returning from a hike on her own at Mount Washington, she did a 10-mile hike with the club at the North Chagrin Reservation, and was hooked. She recalls favorite people, hikes and trips, including 16 Ridges and her five 40-mile hikes, and trips to England, Alaska, Washington, New Mexico, and Tennessee, as well as weekend trips.

Pat and Jim Spoth interview, 28 September 2017

In their narrative, Ohio natives Pat and Jim Spoth share many of their ambitious hiking experiences since becoming members of the Cleveland Hiking Club in 1987. One of the significant aspects of their dialogue is how they assumed the role of hike leaders for a particular hike in the Mill Creek Park area of Youngstown. Another significant milestone for the Spoths occurred in 2013 when they completed the Appalachian Trail.

Shirley Pashall interview, 15 October 2017

Shirley Pashall recalls when the Cleveland Hiking Club was much smaller, enabling close friendships to form more readily. Aside from her hiking accomplishments, which include completing the 40-mile hike four times, backpacking numerous times, and leading hikes as well, Shirley has been in charge of the Kids Day at Camp Onwego. She first assumed this role in memory of her friend, Louise McDonough, and now 15 years later, Kids Day goes on with Shirley still at the helm.

Loretta Taggart interview, 07 November 2017

Loretta Taggart joined the Cleveland Hiking Club in 1989. She heard about the club from a patient while she was working as an orthopedic nurse at the Cleveland Clinic. She describes hiking experiences in Ohio, Idaho, California (Yosemite National Park), Oregon, Washington, and on the Anhinga Trail in the Everglades.

John and Rita Gabrovsek interview, 10 November 2017

John and Rita Gabrovsek joined the Cleveland Hiking Club in 1979. Rita is from Germany, where hiking is part of the culture. John learned about the club when some hikers were walking through Cleveland Heights near their home. The Gabrovseks describe favorite hikes and trips, hike leaders and other members, and New Year's parties at the club's camp. The club was much smaller when they joined.

Dick and Darlene Wiegandt interview, 24 August 2017

Dick and Darlene Wiegandt, Cleveland Hiking Club members since 1990, talk about their life in the Detroit area and other places before moving to Cleveland. They joined the Cleveland Hiking Club after meeting a CHC member who was also president of the Buckeye Trail Association. They started hiking the Buckeye Trail and then joined the CHC to "get credit" for their mileage. They eventually led Buckeye Trail hikes and talk about some of the trail happenings--a dog rescue, having police called…

Kathy Wilmer interview, 07 July 2017

Kathy Wilmer, a librarian and chaplain, describes her recollections of hiking in Ohio and nearby states starting in the 1970s and personal notes about the emotional and physical benefits of hiking.

Eloise and Cedric Plavney interview, 06 July 2017

Eloise and Cedric Plavney discuss their experiences with the Cleveland Hiking Club since they joined in 1987. Highlights include Camp Onwego experiences, outstanding hiking trips, and memories of hiking club members past and present.

Carol and Fred Jarosz interview, 24 July 2017

Carol and Fred Jarosz discuss their experiences with Cleveland Hiking Club from joining in 1987 to the present. Topics include reasons for joining, club activities and excursions, memorable hike leaders, and changes in the CHC over the years.

Jerry James interview, 13 July 2017

Jerry James, a U.S. Navy veteran and a member of the Cleveland Hiking Club since 1974, reflects on hiking and the camp experience both locally and overseas in this brief interview.

Mary Baldwin interview, 11 June 2017

Mary Baldwin, a marketing professional from Bedford, joined the Cleveland Hiking Club in 1985. She talks about being among the younger members of the club when she joined, special hikes including the Buckeye Trail and other hikes designed to show something of the land, friendships made and how being a member of the club has changed her perception of the city of Cleveland.

Patience Cameron Hoskins interview, 12 June 2017

Patience (Pat) Cameron Hoskins joined the Cleveland Hiking Club in 1977 after marrying her husband, Harry Cameron, and moving to Cleveland. She and Harry were the authors of "Cleveland on Foot" and "Beyond Cleveland on Foot," hiking guides to the trails in the Cleveland and Northeast Ohio area. Pat talks about her beginnings hiking in New England, her move to Cleveland, and writing the books, including using the hiking club hikes for the first drafts of "Cleveland on Foot."

Gail Broughton interview, 14 June 2017

Gail Boughton joined the Cleveland Hiking Club in 1977. She describes backpacking experiences in Laurel Highlands, some memorable members including Frank and Miriam Cepp, Guy and Martha Butters, John Schade, Jay Beswick and Florence (Effie) Burrell. She also talks about her time as president of the club and good times at camp.

Blanche Vanis interview, 11 June 2017

Blanche Vanis, a daughter of Czech immigrants, was active in sokol (gymnastics) as a youth and relates how an early appreciation of outdoor activity eventually led her to join the Cleveland Hiking Club. In this brief interview, she reflects on some memorable hikes.

Dorothy Ipavec interview, 24 January 2017

Dorothy Ipavec joined the Cleveland Hiking Club in 1948. She reflects on her experience of hikes and social events, as well as on early members of the club and how they influenced her interest in hiking and canoeing and knowledge of nature.

Sylvia Banks interview, 10 April 2017

Sylvia Banks joined the Cleveland Hiking Club in 1986. She has hiked more than 10,000 miles, served on the club's board and as its photo contest chairman, and enjoyed many trips, including rafting on the Colorado River and hiking in Great Britain. She also recalls memorable experiences in what later became the Cuyahoga Valley National Park.

Gayle Zipay interview, 11 April 2017

In this very brief interview, longtime Cleveland Hiking Club member Gayle Zipay recounts what led her to join the hiking club in 1983. Her interview includes reminiscences about a couple of notable club members, a youth hostel that once operated in the Cuyahoga Valley, and some of the chores associated with maintaining the club's camp.

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Jim Sprague interview, 13 April 2017

Jim Sprague joined the Cleveland Hiking Club in 1979 and was an active member through the 1980s. In this short interview, Sprague recalls memorable hikes and illustrious club members he encountered.

Jeff Lennartz interview, 13 April 2017

Jeff Lennartz joined the Cleveland Hiking Club in 1981. In this short interview, Lennartz provides vivid detail about memorable nighttime hikes in North Chagrin, Bedford, and Mill Stream Reservations. He also recalls notable hike leaders, including Jay Beswick.

Rachel Abernethy interview, 17 April 2017

Rachel Abernethy joined the Cleveland Hiking Club in 1980. In this very short interview, she recalls several memorable hikes and reflects on how the club afforded an opportunity for members to forge deep and lasting friendships.

Clare Coulis interview, 18 April 2017

Clare Coulis joined the Cleveland Hiking Club in 1981. Among the stories she relates in this interview are an unexpected snowstorm that hit during a hike along the Ohio River, going to mass in hiking clothes during long hikes, and a hut-to-hut hike in the Green Mountains of New Hampshire.

Warren Davis interview, 21 April 2017

Warren Davis joined the Cleveland Hiking Club in 1988 and hiked a total of 25,135 miles. In this brief interview, Davis describes hiking trips with Elderhostel in Europe. He also discusses notable people and experiences in the hiking club.