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Tim Daley interview, 12 August 2011

Timothy Daley, Executive Director at Cuyahoga County Soldiers' and Sailors' Monument, describes his involvement with the monument, beginning with his time as a volunteer. He passionately describes the monument's architectural details and what they symbolize. He explains why the current location of the monument was chosen and describes its controversial history. In addition, he provides insight as to the future plans for the monument in terms of its maintenance and restoration.

Walter Leedy interview, 13 July 2006

Walter Leedy, professor of Art at Cleveland State University, discusses WPA art in Cleveland, as well as numerous architectural landmarks in the city, including Terminal Tower, Park Synagogue, and Breuer Building.

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Fr. Phillip Bernier Interview, 9 August 2007

Fr. Phillip Bernier, a Capuchin Franciscan Friar, discusses the history and role of the Church of the Conversion of St. Paul in Cleveland's Midtown Corridor. Located on the corner of East 40th Street and Euclid Avenue, the parish was originally conceived under the auspice of Archbishop Joseph Shrembs in 1930. Fr. Bernier, the pastor to the shrine of the Conversion of St. Paul, discusses his life history, the needs of the Midtown Corridor community, outreach, and various restoration projects.…

John Hemsath Interview, 2006

John Hemsath provides an in-depth retrospective of the history and evolution of Cleveland's Playhouse Square. Beginning with Vaudeville and spanning through the ongoing renovations and present, most subjects that relate to the theater are touched upon. However, a majority of the discussion revolves around issues pertaining to restoration and revitalization of the various theaters.

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Tom Einhouse Interview, 2005

In this 2005 interview, Thomas H. Einhouse, Vice President for Playhouse Square Real Estate Services, discusses his involvement with Playhouse Square as well as his personal upbringing in Lakewood, Ohio, in the 1950s and 1960s. Mr. Einhouse has a business degree from Baldwin-Wallace College, and after working for a time with Belkin Productions in the early 1980s, began working at Playhouse Square. He discusses his involvement as the project director for the renovation of the Allen Theatre. He…

Jim Herman Interview, 26 July 2006

Jim Herman has worked as an architect in Cleveland since 1963 at the firm that is now called Herman, Gibans Fodor. His area of interest is senior housing, and he has worked on a number of such projects in the city, including the Bruening Health Center at Judson Park. In this 2006 interview, Herman discusses his work in Cleveland, focusing on the challenges of building homes for the aging, the construction of the Jewish Community Federation Building on Euclid Avenue, the Tower City/Terminal Tower…

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