Jim Herman Interview, 26 July 2006

Jim Herman has worked as an architect in Cleveland since 1963 at the firm that is now called Herman, Gibans Fodor. His area of interest is senior housing, and he has worked on a number of such projects in the city, including the Bruening Health Center at Judson Park. In this 2006 interview, Herman discusses his work in Cleveland, focusing on the challenges of building homes for the aging, the construction of the Jewish Community Federation Building on Euclid Avenue, the Tower City/Terminal Tower renovation, his opinion on Euclid Avenue's redevelopment, other opportunities for development in Cleveland, and challenges presently facing the city as it tries to attract more residents and tourists.

~ “Jim Herman Interview, 26 July 2006,” Cleveland Voices, accessed July 16, 2019, https://clevelandvoices.org/items/show/1829.

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Source: engagedscholarship.csuohio.edu
Subjects: Cleveland State UniversityHerman Gibans Fodor Inc.architectsarchitectureJewish Community FederationrestorationpreservationOral History

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