American Institute of Architects

The American Institute of Architects (Cleveland Chapter) Oral History Project. In 2006, in collaboration with Nina Friedlander Gibans, the Center began collecting oral history interviews with some of Cleveland’s best-known architects. 26 interviews in all were captured by Gibans and a team of researchers and students from the Center. These interviews help bring the city’s great buildings to life, and shine a light on current issues in architecture and urban design, making the series a major source of information for the Euclid Corridor kiosk project.



  • Nina Friedlander Gibans
  • American Institute of Architects (Cleveland Chapter)


  • Richard Fleischman
  • Neal Distad
  • Chris Ronayne
  • William Blunden
  • Paul Volpe
  • Bill Morris
  • Nina Gibans
  • Jim Herman
  • Norman Krumholz
  • Norman Perttula
  • Richard Van Petten
  • Robert Madison
  • Gerald Payto
  • George Dalton
  • Jim Gibans
  • William Gould
  • Robert Gaede
  • Jennifer Coleman
  • Malcolm Cutting
  • Peter Van Dijk
  • William Collins
  • Don Hisaka
  • John Bonebrake
  • Jack Sr. Bialosky
  • Hunter Morrison


  • Nina Gibans
  • Addie Tobey
  • Sandra Storey
  • Greg James