Doris Walter Interview, 1 July 2014

Doris Walter grew up in Louisville, Kentucky, where she lived there up until her second marriage. Walter was given the opportunity to move to Cleveland, where she maintained her career as a secretary at Antioch for 32 years. Some of her activities at Antioch include the Ruth B. McKinney mission circle, the Carl Stokes campaign, AGAPE, and the search committee for pastors.

Participants: Walter, Doris (interviewee) / Willis, Dorothy (interviewer)
Collection: Fairfax and Glenville
Institutional Repository: Cleveland Regional Oral History Collection

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Fairfax and Glenville

Interviews in this series were collected by undergraduate students at Cleveland State University under the supervision of Drs. Mark Souther and Regennia Williams, with funding from the Office of the Provost. The series focuses on the African American experience in the Fairfax and Glenville neighborhoods. Some of the interviews reflect collaborations with Antioch Baptist Church, Fairfax Renaissance Development Corporation, Famicos Foundation, Karamu House, Senior Outreach Services of Cleveland,…