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  • Collection: Fairfax and Glenville (USRA 2014)

Michael R. White is the former mayor of the city of Cleveland, Ohio. This 2014 interview covers a range of topics, including White's student government activism at Ohio State University and his political career in Cleveland.

Willa Morgan was born in Tuskegee, Alabama, and her family moved to Dayton, OH when she was 5. After one of her friends opened a salon in Cleveland, OH, Willa and another friend of hers moved to Cleveland to work. Willa later opened up her own salon, which was attached to the back of her Fairfax home. Willa was a major part of Antioch, working in…

Peter Lawson Jones, a Cleveland native, is a member of the Board of Directors at Karamu House and also the Event Manager for the Karamu House Hall of Fame. Jones shares about how he became involved with Karamu House after working in the political sphere of Washington, D.C. He also discusses the significance of the institution Cleveland, and what he…

Dionne Thomas Carmichael discusses growing up in the Fairfax area, the changes in the community and her hopes for its future

Renee Howard Bonner describes growing up at Union Grove and the aspects of the church that have changed and the aspects that have stayed the same.

Gregory Roberts recalls growing up in the Fairfax neighborhood of Cleveland, Ohio. He remembers the businesses and unity of the community and looks forward to what the future holds for the area.
Subjects: Fairfax Oral History

Constance Zachery discusses living in Fairfax and her membership and experiences at Antioch Baptist Church.

Esther Kinds discusses her family, her time at Antioch Baptist Church, church activities, and her personal faith.

James Hardiman is a lawyer who assisted in lawsuits regarding discrimination. He graduated from Cleveland State University with his law degree and later became the president of the Cleveland chapter of the NAACP twice.

Geraldine Evans discusses her involvement as an active member of Antioch Baptist Church and some of the ways the church has changed since she first joined in 1953.

Rev. Stephen Rowan is the pastor of Bethany Baptist Church, located in the Glenville community. Rowan shares his memories growing up in Glenville, his path to taking over his father's position as pastor of Bethany Baptist Church, and church involvement within Glenville.

Reverend Hilton Smith was the first African American senior Vice President of a construction company in the country and has worked for Turner Construction for 43 years. Smith recounts his work with the Civil Rights Movement, working to get the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial on the national mall, and his calling to the church.

Thomas Flewellyn recounts growing up in the Central and Glenville neighborhoods, the jobs he has held over the years, and his work with Calvary Presbyterian Church.

Terrence Spivy is the Artistic Director of Karamu House. Spivy recounts his working with Ruby Dee over the years, the centennial celebration of Karamu House, and plans for the future.

Theresa Bumpers is the current organ player at Antioch Baptist Church. She was born in Maryland and moved to Fairfax with her family. In her teenage years, she moved to Glenville, where she attended Glenville High School. Music became her hobby and later a career for her, where she would play with her family performing group at various churches…

Paul Lewis recalls his life in the Fairfax neighborhood, growing up during segregation and the Civil Rights Movement, the ways in which the community has changed, and what must be done to better the area.
Subjects: Fairfax Oral History

Morton L. Mandel discusses growing up in an immigrant family in Glenville, his life that led to success in business, and the origins of his philanthropic endeavors.

Rev. Kenneth Rogers is the pastor of Union Grove Missionary Baptist Church. Rogers discusses how he became a member, and the process of membership and baptism at Union Grove.

Stanley Miller was born and raised in the Glenville area. He spent 31 years with the Bell Telephone Company and retired as the Vice President of External Affairs. He later became the Cleveland NAACP executive director. Miller recounts his life and career, what it was like growing up in the Glenville area and the current condition of the…