Coventry Village, Part One

Welcome to Cleveland Voices episode 3, the first of a two-part series examining the development of Coventry Village. The episode begins in 1890 with Patrick Calhoun gazing from Lake View Cemetery over the land that he would help develop into Cleveland Heights. It culminates in the late 1960s during Coventry’s Summer of Love.

List of Oral Histories (in order of appearance):

Written and produced by Sarah Nemeth, Research Associate at Cleveland State University.

Thanks to the band This Moment in Black History for letting us use their song "Pollen Count" (from the album "Public Square") as the music in this episode. Their music is available on your favorite streaming service and at discerning independent record stores.

Special thanks to the project staff who narrated the supplementary audio for this episode (in order of appearance):

  • Sara Sprouse
  • Toni Berry
  • Cory Sprouse
  • David Nicolai
  • Natalie Neale

~ Sarah Nemeth, “Coventry Village, Part One,” Cleveland Voices, accessed February 21, 2019,

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