Jean Brandt interview, 17 October 2015

Interview recorded during Prosperity Social Club 10 year anniversary event.
Jean Brandt is a longtime Tremont resident that operated the former Brandt Gallery and her law office across the park from Prosperity. She speaks about the unique Tremont community and how Dempsey's/Prosperity is such an important resource in that regard – serving as a welcome wagon for new residents and a social hub for everyone.

Participants: Brandt, Jean (interviewee) / Barkacs, Michael (interviewer)
Collection: Prosperity Social Club 10 Year Anniversary Event
Institutional Repository: Cleveland Regional Oral History Collection

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Prosperity Social Club 10 Year Anniversary Event

Interviews in this series were collected by students and staff at Cleveland State University’s Center for Public History and Digital Humanities during the ten year anniversary celebration at Prosperity Social Club in the Tremont neighborhood of Cleveland, Ohio. The event featured a gathering of the Dembowski family, who ran Dempsey’s Oasis – a neighborhood pub at 1109 Starkweather Avenue that later became Prosperity Social Club – from 1938-2000. The series includes interviews with members of the…