John Spirk, Evan Spirk, and Vickie Novak Interview, 2010

The Nottingham-Spirk Design Associates (N-S) purchased the First Church of Christian Scientist at 2200 Overlook Road to relocate their business. The original building was restored with few modifications in order to house the operation of the design/innovation business. The first part of the interview is about when the church was built and the negotiation with John Severance.This was the first of the Christ Scientist churches in Cleveland and with a significant design. In the next part of the interview discussion is centered on purchasing the church by Nottingham-Spirk Design Associates, architectural details and renovations to the building. The conclusion of the interview talk is about the firm and involvement within the community.

Participants: Spirk, John (interviewee) / Spirk, Evan (interviewee) / Novak, Vickie (interviewee) / Valore, Kenneth (interviewer) / Lanese, James (interviewer)
Collection: Sacred Landmarks
Institutional Repository: Cleveland Regional Oral History Collection

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