Rob Jagelewski Interview, 2011

This is an interview with Rob Jagelewski, parish historian and member at St. Stanislaus Church in Slavic Village. Jagelewski's parents and grandparents were also members of this Polish community parish.The early part of the interview involves discussion of how St. Stanislaus Church has been the center of Polish culture in Cleveland's Slavic neighborhood and particulars about the membership. History of the parish includes when it was founded and built at its' present location. There is discussion of (Father K) and controversy surrounding his time in Cleveland. In 1901 the Franciscan order began to administer the parish. There is more discussion about renovations to the church. St. Stanislaus has sister parishes and is the center of Polish Cleveland. The interview continues with talk of the school, enrollment and other important roles of the parish such as the festival and outreach. It should be noted in 2004, the church was declared a shrine in honor of St. Stanislaus and Pope John Paul II.

Participants: Jagelewski, Rob (interviewee) / Lanese, James (interviewer) / Valore, Kenneth (interviewer)
Collection: Sacred Landmarks
Institutional Repository: Cleveland Regional Oral History Collection

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