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Miriam Rosenberg grew up in the Moreland community. She shares stories about being involved in Dr. Spock's program, the close friendships she made living in the neighborhood, and attending the Moreland schools.

Donna M. Whyte speaks about the importance of the education system in Shaker Heights, specifically Moreland, to her decision to move to and remain in Moreland. She also discusses the importance of community and identity in this interview.

James Chin, an immigration lawyer, describes growing up in the Shaker Heights community. He discusses his family's businesses, living in the back of his mother's laundromat, and his involvement with the community as an immigration lawyer.

Jewel Murphy Kirkland discusses her experiences living in Shaker Heights and the Moreland neighborhood. In this interview, she discusses some of the difficulties living in Moreland as an African American, the importance of the Shaker school system, and the demographic of Moreland.

Jewel Murphy-Kirkland describes her life in the Moreland neighborhood, including the neighborhood, proximity of shops to their home, the help the city provided to homeowners, the importance of East View Church, and her work as a nurse practitioner.

Steven A. Minter was President and Executive Director of The Cleveland Foundation for almost 20 years. In this interview, he discusses his life growing up in the Moreland community, his involvement in the Shaker school system, and education.

Isaac Greber, an academic, lived in Moreland for a few years. He was instrumental in the creation of the Moreland Assocation. He discusses the importance of the Moreland community in his life, even after moving out of the area. He discusses the need for the Moreland Association.

Allen Foster has lived in Shaker Heights since 1984. He discusses his time on city council, his involvement with the Boy Scouts and youth groups, and his role in the Moreland Association.

Lydia Crowder discusses her childhood and her move into Shaker Heights. She discusses her memory growing up in the Shaker Heights area, including her move from Sutton Road to Milverton Road and the various attractions in the area.

Sharon Curry discusses her life in Shaker Heights. She lived on two different streets, Nicholas and Menlo. She reminisces about her life in Shaker, calling it a great place and promoting many of the aspects about it, especially its safety.

Marian Garth-Saffold discusses her time living in Moreland, her involvement in the community, and reasons she moved to and from Shaker. The choice to move to Moreland was influencd by its good school system and its acceptance of blacks in the 1960s. Marian talks with the interviewer about her job as a lab technician and then working for the unions.…

Walter Ratcliffe grew up in Shaker Heights and spent most of his life as a member of the Moreland community. He discusses his life growing up in Shaker playing basketball, going to parties, and his time moving around throughout the community.

LaVera Wingfield shares the story of her family growing up in Cleveland and moving to Shaker Heights. She tells stories about her children growing up in the school district and the affection she has for her community. Wingfield is currently involved with the Neighbor Night program and discusses programs they are hosting within the community.