Moreland History Project

Interviews in this series were conducted by Shaker residents in partnership with the City of Shaker Heights as part of a Moreland History project in 2017. Interviews took place at the Shaker Main Library. For more information about the Moreland neighborhood visit:



  • Kamla Lewis
  • City of Shaker Heights


  • LaVera Wingfield
  • Walter Ratcliffe
  • Marian Garth Saffold
  • Sharon Curry
  • Lydia Crowder
  • Allen Sr. Foster
  • Isaac Greber
  • Steve Minter
  • Jewel Murphy Kirkland
  • James Chin
  • Donna M. Whyte
  • Miriam Rosenberg


  • Virginia Dawson
  • Kamla Lewis
  • George Eaton
  • Crystal Montgomery