Moneeke Davis interview, 21 July 2017

Moneeke Davis currently serves as a Board Member for the Detroit Shoreway Community Development Organization, representing the Southwest Quadrant of the neighborhood. She describes variations among the sectors of the Detroit Shoreway neighborhood. Davis was initially concerned about how her section of the neighborhood was being treated, but soon came to understand the complexity of community development organizations. She describes herself as a dedicated social servant and vocal advocate for her neighborhood within Detroit Shoreway. Davis expresses her hope to "bring the village back," by trying to foster a more cohesive community as a means to strengthen the neighborhood and make significant change.

~ “Moneeke Davis interview, 21 July 2017,” Cleveland Voices, accessed July 17, 2018,

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Subjects: Detroit ShorewayDetroit Shoreway Community Development OrganizationSouthwest Detroit Shoreway Neighborhood Master PlanOral History

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