Karen Ault interview, 13 October 2016

This interview was conducted for the purpose of gaining insight to the organization East Side Inter-faith Ministries (ESIM) of Cleveland, Ohio. Although information regarding this topic was discussed, the interview also encompassed other topics. The common thread in the interview was the Presbyterian mission of social justice and activism. Karen Ault's life story was told through this interview. She explained how the Presbyterian faith was a constant and important factor in the trajectory of her life. The Presbyterian faith led her to the Calvary Presbyterian Church in Cleveland and from there she engaged in ESIM.

Participants: Ault, Karen (interviewee) / Nemeth, Sarah (interviewer)
Collection: Project Team
Institutional Repository: Cleveland Regional Oral History Collection

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Project Team

This series comprises a wide range of interviews conducted by Center staff since 2005 in support of the Euclid Corridor History Project, Neighborhood Connections, and a number of mostly short-term collaborations. It also includes a number of standalone interviews by Center staff.