Charlene Higgenbotham Interview, 27 June 2012

Charlene Higgenbotham, a Shaker Heights resident, recounts her childhood and the formative influence her parents had on she and her sister. Higgenbotham had a lot of jobs over the years and moved around. She was also active in her daughter, Joy's, education and is happy with her success. Higgenbotham is happy to live in Shaker Heights because it is integrated and multicultural and is also active in the United Church of Christ. In the interview Higgenbotham also talks about how she was not very aware of race when she was younger and so she recounts how she became aware of issues of race and the effect it had on her life.

~ “Charlene Higgenbotham Interview, 27 June 2012,” Cleveland Voices, accessed December 19, 2018,

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Subjects: United Church of ChristShaker HeightsOral History

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