Kathleen Crowther Interview, 8 July 2012

Kathleen Crowther in this 2012 interview talks about coming to Shaker Heights while growing up and then living in Shaker Heights. She remembers coming to Shaker square for special occasions, like Sunday dinner and Christmas. She also discusses Cleveland Restoration Society's restoration project, the Asa Upson house on Chagrin Boulevard. She comments on preservation in Shaker, and why the city has remained so intact. She talks about her own historic house on Fairmount Boulevard as well.

Participants: Crowther, Kathleen (interviewee) / Smith, Kelsey (interviewer)
Collection: Shaker Heights Centennial
Institutional Repository: Cleveland Regional Oral History Collection

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Shaker Heights Centennial

These interviews, conducted by students as part of a CSU Provost-funded Undergraduate Summer Research Award project led by Drs. Mark Souther and Mark Tebeau, supported commemoration of the Shaker Heights Centennial in 2012. For more information, please visit: historicshaker.com.