Dan Sussen Interview, 8 August 2007

Dan Sussen discusses his father's entry into the auto parts industry and his role creating Midtown Cleveland Inc. He discusses how the company survived the Great Depression, its growth and expansion, and his role as the company's salesman. Sussen describes the reasons for creating Midtown Cleveland Inc., its early years, and the growth of Midtown since the organization's founding. He also touches on the relationship between Midtown Cleveland Inc. and political leaders in Cleveland.

Participants: Sussen, Dan (interviewee) / Souther, Mark (interviewer)
Collection: Midtown Cleveland
Institutional Repository: Cleveland Regional Oral History Collection

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Midtown Cleveland

In 2007, the Center was contacted by MidTown Cleveland, a community development organization dedicated to revitalizing Cleveland’s Midtown Corridor. Together, the Center and MidTown Cleveland worked to locate business owners, developers, activists, clergy, and residents with ties to the area. Center staff then conducted a number of oral history interviews, each of which tells a story about the area’s rich history and prospects for the future.