Gordan Priemer Interview, 24 July 2007

Gordon Priemer, president of Heartland Developers, discusses his company's role in the redevelopment of Cleveland's Midtown Corridor. The company has been involved with the Midtown area on and off for over thirty five years (as of interview date), working to develop and redevelop commercial and residential housing in the Midtown area. He gives key insight to the philosophy behind his company and the overall redevelopment of the Midtown Corridor. He mentions particular buildings the company has developed (commercial and residential) and what type of buildings they look for when deciding how they choose development projects. He explains why the Midtown Corridor is a viable market place for developers and the importance of residential housing as it pertains to the growth of the area. Other topics include the advantages of living in the area and the challenges Midtown faces as it redevelops.

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