Frank Kidd Jr. Interview, 25 February 2013

Frank Kidd Jr., born in 1935, has lived in Cleveland his whole life. His parents were originally from the South (Alabama and Mississippi) but moved to Cleveland to seek refuge from harsh racism. Kidd lived most of his childhood with his grandmother, as his father served in the Army. He recalls many aspects of his childhood and teen years. Kidd is a strong advocate for the Cedar-Central area and aims to improve the neighborhood through his various influential programs. In 2010, the mayor awarded Kidd with a key to the city for his efforts. He moved to the neighborhood with his wife and children, because his kids had asthma and needed steam heating, which was provided in these specific residences. Kidd recalls how the area formerly thrived in various ways. He wants to bring back the vibrancy in the neighborhood that he remembers seeing as he watched his children grow up.

Participants: Kidd Jr. , Frank (interviewee) / Tebeau, Mark (interviewer)
Collection: Cedar Central
Institutional Repository: Cleveland Regional Oral History Collection

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Cedar Central

The interviews in this series resulted from an initiative spearheaded by Campus District Inc. to document stories in conjunction with the planned closure of the high-rise building in the Cedar Estates housing project. Jane Addams High School students learned oral history techniques alongside CSU interviewers.