Tim Atkinson Interview, 2008

An equipment operator and work leader, Tim Atkinson his role in the Park staff. Discussed are the means by which Atkinson evolved from a volunteer position to a leader in various projects and the challenges posed to staff personell. These include the seasonality of trails, seasonality of staffing, and the extensive flooding damage to the Towpath. Atkinson discusses also the successes of the Towpath project in terms of improving the quality of life and the ability of the visitor centeer to articulate the importance of history and nature.

~ “Tim Atkinson Interview, 2008,” Cleveland Voices, accessed December 18, 2018, https://clevelandvoices.org/items/show/2078.

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Source: engagedscholarship.csuohio.edu
Subjects: Towpath TrailenvironmentalismOral History

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