James Lanese and Delia Lanese Interview, 18 August 2014

James and Delia Lanese, both graduates of Cleveland State University (CSU), talk about their experiences inside and outside of the school. He graduated in 1971 and she got her degree in 1970. Both pursued careers in education, Delia became a teacher and Jim eventually became an administrator and adjunct college professor, stopping to work on desegregation along the way. They explain how Vietnam caused problems and headaches for the couple, including a concern of the draft. Finally, they talk about what they did for fun, and how sometimes the fun would coincide with dangerous events, such as going to Leo's Casino during the Hough Riots.

Participants: Lanese, James (interviewee) / Lanese, Delia (interviewee) / Wickens, Joe (interviewer)
Collection: CSU at 50
Institutional Repository: Cleveland Regional Oral History Collection

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