Rob Reidy interview, 27 July 2016

Father Rob Reidy is the pastor at La Sagrada Familia in Cleveland, Ohio. In this interview, he reflects on his time in El Salvador as part of the Cleveland Latin American Mission team. He served in El Salvador on two separate occasions, first in the 1980s during the El Salvador Civil War and later in the late 1990s-early 2000s. Father Reidy discusses the conditions and nature of his work while in El Salvador, including the attitude of the military junta towards Catholic church workers and the threats made on his life. He also reflects on his ministry throughout his forty-one years as an ordained priest. He speaks at length about his experience in Hispanic parishes in Cleveland, Ohio and the differences in faith between El Salvadorans and people in the United States.

~ “Rob Reidy interview, 27 July 2016,” Cleveland Voices, accessed February 21, 2019,

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Subjects: El SalvadorCleveland Latin American Mission TeamHispanic churchesOral History

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