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Rev. Adrian Lynum Interview, 2005

Adrian Lynum was born in Alabama but his family moved to Cleveland during the bus boycott in 1955. He found his calling later in life and in 2003 became the pastor at Calvary Presbyterian Church. In this 2005 interview, Reverend Lynum discusses his journey to become ordained, changes in the congregation at Calvary, due to area events and the changing city, and some of the work he does in the community.

Sherril Paul Interview, 2005

Sherril Paul moved to Cleveland at an early age and as she grew up began to volunteer leading walking tours around Cleveland's Playhouse Square theatres. In 1982 she bought Best Conventions, a company that did walking tours and bus tours around Cleveland. She raised money to buy Lolly the Trolley's and in 1985 Trolley Tours of Cleveland began. In this 2005 interview she describes the process of starting the company and what they do for the city now. She also recounts some of her favorite…

David Cantrell Interview, 2005

David Cantrell was born in Shaker Heights in 1952 and later moved to Beachwood. He became involved with the City Mission as a volunteer in 1986 and now works for them full time. In this 2005 interview, Cantrell discusses his early memories of the Mission, the goals of the organization and his current role at the Mission.

Scott Longert Interview, 2005

Scott Longert is the sports archivist at the Western Reserve Historical Society. In this interview he discusses the history of the Cleveland Indians, through the team's name changes, park changes and changes in baseball's rules. Longert also discusses his work at WRHS.

Carol Hornick Interview, 2005

Carol Hornick grew up in the Forest Hills neighborhood in East Cleveland. She worked for the Cleveland Ballet, the Western Reserve Historical Society, and the Cleveland Playhouse. In this 2005 interview she discusses her work on WRHS's "Millionaire Row" project and her involvement with the Cleveland Ballet. She also discusses Cleveland's theatres and their history.

June High Interview, 2005

June High moved to Cleveland in 1950 to get a job. Originally she attended a Presbyterian church but became a parishioner at Trinity Cathedral because of her now husband. In this 2005 interview, she discusses changes in the parish, their funding and programs and High's memories of attending the church through the years.

Shawn Hoefler Interview, 2005

Shawn Hoefler created and runs the website where he posts photos and text about the buildings and architecture around the city. He has also published a book on the same subject. In this 2005 interview, he discusses the buildings of Cleveland and some of the history, especially the old post office building. He also discusses the architecture firm of Walker and Weeks and their work in Cleveland.

William Boehm Interview, 2005

William Boehm is the founder of the youth choir The Singing Angels. He was born in Cleveland in 1920 and attended Western Reserve University. He has always been involved in theatre his whole life and in the fall of 1954 he began the Singing Angels. In this 2005 interview Boehm discusses the origins of the group, the goals of the group, and his experiences.

Harry Banfield Interview, 2005

Harry Banfield grew up in Chesterland Ohio in Geauga County. He became a pastor and became involved with the City Mission as well as Youth for Christ. In 1970 he was asked to become the Mission's first full time youth director. He held that post until 1983. In this 2005 interview he discusses his work with the mission and his family's involvement with the children they worked with at the mission. He also discusses why people go to the mission and some of the work the mission does other than his…

Kitty Cross Interview, 2005

Kitty Cross grew up around Cleveland and now works for the Colonial Market. In this 2005 interview she discusses her work at the Colonial Arcade and its history. She mentions the effects of tourism and some of the changes to the neighborhoods and the arcade itself. Cross also discusses how changes in the city and events have brought more people to the arcade.

Paul O'Neil Interview, 2006

Paul O'Neil grew up in Cleveland during the Great Depression. In this 2006 interview he discusses growing up in Cleveland and the effect the depression had on his family. He also discusses in detail his experience in the Air Force during WWII

Joanne Blazek Interview, 2005

Joanne Blazek discusses growing up during the Great Depression and WWII in this 2005 interview. She mentions the effects the war had on families and the work force as well as entertainment. She also discusses growing up in Cleveland during that time.

Judy Martin Interview, 2005

Judy Martin is the founder of Survivors: Victims of Tragedy and an active member of various other groups that work to eliminate violence and crime in young adults and children. She is also the leading creator of the Wall of Sorrows in East Cleveland, which is a memorial the children and young adults who have been killed in Cuyahoga County since 1990. Martin discusses her work in the community and the Wall in this 2005 interview.

Wilma Witt Interview, 2005

Wilma Witt grew up in the Collinwood neighborhood during the Great Depression and World War II. In this 2005 interview, she describes life during the war and depression. She also discusses the Collinwood neighborhood and the ethnic communities there, and tells stories about her family.

Loree Resnik Interview, 2005

Loree Resnik is a life-long Cleveland resident and is the executive director of Suburban Temple. In this 2005 interview she discusses Lake View Cemetery and the Temple's involvement with the cemetery. She describes the Jewish death rituals and some of the temple's work in the community as well.

George Hendricks Interview, 24 October 2013

George Hendricks was born in Bessemer, Alabama, in 1942 and moved to Cleveland at age 6. His first major performing band was called the Sahib's, which opened for many Motown artists, recorded on the Tri Phi label, and played regularly at Gleason's. Hendricks describes the rhythm and blues music scene in Cleveland in the late 1950s and early 1960s. He was drafted into the Army and served in the Vietnam War from 1964 to 1968. He describes the shift of the epicenter of black entertainment from the…

Christine Branche Interview, 2005

Christine Branche has lived in Cleveland since she was 7 years old. She became part of Trinity Parish in 1951 after she got married. In this 2005 interview she discusses the work of the church in the community and some of the changes in the congregation during her time there. She also discusses growing up in Cleveland.

Bob DiBiasio Interview, 2005

Bob DiBiasio is works in public relations for the Cleveland Indians. In this 2005 interview he discusses his personal love of baseball and the Cleveland Indians' history. He also discusses the team's interaction with the city and some of the minor league teams associated with the Indians.

Ray Clegg Interview, 2005

Ray Clegg is the business manager of Labor Union Local 310. In this 2005 interview he discusses his history with the union and union work in Cleveland. He also discusses buildings in Cleveland and the Cleveland Convention Center