University Circle

University Circle is home to many of the city’s oldest and most respected institutions: Severance Hall, the Cleveland Museum of Art, and Case Western Reserve University to name just a few. Since 1970, University Circle Inc. (UCI) has coordinated development in the area. These interviews with UCI staff, community activists, and local residents and workers in the University Circle area, conducted by students as part of a CSU Provost-funded Undergraduate Summer Research Award project led by Drs. Mark Souther and Mark Tebeau in 2008, offer insights into neighborhood and institutional history, and characterize UCI’s changing mission and development strategies over the course of time.



  • Mark Tebeau
  • Mark Souther
  • University Circle Inc.


  • Abdul Qahar
  • Bob Reeves
  • Pat Holland
  • John Goddard
  • Sterling S., III McMillan
  • Harvey Buchanan
  • John Pavelich
  • John Grabowski
  • Emily Peck
  • Fred Johnson
  • Anna Marie Johnson
  • Donna Lee Pratt
  • Eugene Ross
  • Emma Ross
  • John Anthony Boyd
  • Virgil Brown
  • James P. Mancino
  • Larry Rivers
  • Allen Ford
  • Andrew Gilham
  • Ted Sande
  • Stan Jaffe


  • Angela Robinson
  • Matthew Ferraton
  • Nina Gibans
  • James Calder
  • David Urban
  • Mark Tebeau
  • Mark Souther