West Side Market

These interviews, conducted by students as part of a CSU Provost-funded Undergraduate Summer Research Award project led by Drs. Mark Souther and Mark Tebeau, supported commemoration of the West Side Market Centennial in 2012.

Judy Khoury is of Middle Eastern decent and operates a stand that sells traditional Middle Eastern cuisine. Khoury has operated a stand at the West Side Market since 1999 and in this interview she describes how she became a vendor at the market along with detailing what it has been like running one of the first "prepared food" stands to open at the market.

In this 2012 interview, Terry Frick describes her journey at the West Side Market. Beginning at the market in the 1970s, Frick found herself at the famous "pizza bagel" stand. She tells stories of her first beginnings, Ohio City, and briefly describes Whiskey Island, her favorite Cleveland spot. She ends with expressing what it means to her being apart of the tradition of the West Side Market.

Sopheap Heng is a Cambodian-American who operates the only Asian food stand at the West Side Market. In this interview she describes several aspects of her personal life, her work experience at the Market, and the community of vendors that operate stands within its confines.

Jeff Campbell is the owner of Campbell's Sweets Factory and began operating a stand at the West Side Market around 2000. In this interview he describes the business that he runs, some of his experiences at the market, and what the location means to the city of Cleveland. Of particular interest is his discussion of the meat vendors and the mentality that they share in regards to the Market.

Larry Vistein in this 2012 interview talks about his experience at the West Side Market owning a beef stand. He worked under his father growing up as a cooler boy, and now owns the business. He talks about the changes both in the West Side Market and in the surrounding neighborhood. He also talks about how his business works: where he gets his meats, butchering, and selling.