International Women’s Air and Space Museum

Interviews conducted by staff at International Women’s Air and Space Museum (IWASM) in Cleveland, Ohio. This collection of interviews exemplifies the diversity of women's aviation history preserved at the International Women's Air & Space Museum. From Women Air Force Service Pilots to Powder Puff Derby Pilots to the first women to work in Air Traffic Control and Mission Control; each of these women have a unique story framed by their contributions to air & space. The collection of these interviews is an ongoing process.



  • International Women’s Air and Space Museum


  • Timothy White
  • Barbara Koch Lindamood
  • Mary Ann David
  • Joyce Pezak
  • Tonya McCarter
  • Connie Luhta
  • Nadine Nagle
  • Pat Stanzel
  • Ruth Reep
  • Joan Mace
  • Gayle Freeman Gorman
  • Jean Clark
  • Thelma Miller
  • Cady Coleman
  • Cris Takacs
  • Toni Mullee
  • Pat Hange
  • Mary Feik
  • Edna Rudolph Paul
  • Mary Shilmiller
  • Dawn Full Mulson
  • Mariane Dyson


  • Michelle Epps
  • Cris Takacs
  • Marcy Frumker
  • Suzanne Dills