Roman Zorska Interview, 30 November 2009

Roman Zorska, a delegate of the Lithuainain Cultural Garden, reflects on his life and discusses the history of the Lithuanian Cultural Garden. An immigrant from Lithuania, Mr. Zorska came to Cleveland in December of 1949 as a young boy. He discusses where he went to school, where he lived, and his life in Cleveland growing up. He also discusses the areas Lithuanian's lived within Cleveland, the changing demographics within city limits, and Lithuanian history and culture. The bulk of the discussion revolves around the busts within, history of, and future plans of the Lithuanian Cultural Garden Other topics include the Cultural Garden Federation, restoration of the gardens, and the Cleveland Cultural Gardens as a whole.

~ “Roman Zorska Interview, 30 November 2009,” Cleveland Voices, accessed July 17, 2018,

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Subjects: Cleveland Cultural GardensimmigrantsLithuaniansOral History

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