Leslie A. Jones Interview, 06 June 2013

Les Jones provides a very clear, interesting interview, and has a very touching, local story to tell about how he achieved a home in the community he had always dreamed about. As a young child growing up in the Glenville area (East 105th) he would ride his bike to the Cleveland Heights area, and describes it like "going on a vacation" because it was like a different world. He rode his bike past the Forest Hill area and thought the houses were enchanting. He drew a picture of the houses at school and received an "A" on the drawing. Once he settled down and his children grew up, he finally purchased a home in the Forest Hill neighborhood. He told the previous owner about his childhood dream/art project, and the home owner held off any other bids because he wanted to make sure the home would be purchased by someone who would appreciate it. Jones is a member of HCC and is in charge of the Home & Garden tour in Cleveland Heights. He is very passionate about architecture and keeping the community beautiful and appreciated. He speaks highly of community service and was always taught tolerance by his parents. Also, he shares an interesting story about the Glenville riots. He worked in a grocery store at the time and had to arrive at a very early hour. The National Guard ended up taking him to work because they were strictly watching the neighborhood.

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