Paul Volpe Interview, 24 June 2007

Paul Volpe, President of City Architecture Inc., discusses the company's role in redeveloping Cleveland's Midtown Corridor. Established in 1989, City Architecture's main focus is urban redevelopment within the Northeast Ohio region. Volpe served as the urban architect for the mayoral administrations of George Voinovich and Michael White throughout the 1980s and 1990s. He discusses the ideas within city hall regarding redevelopment during his years working for the government. Mr. Volpe also explains how he became interested in urban design, city planning, and redevelopment. Other topics include the role of tax abatement, the company's multiple redevelopment projects in the Midtown Corridor, and the history of his firm. The discussion revolves around Mr. Volpe's vision for redevelopment in both the Midtown Corridor and Cleveland.

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