George Dalton Interview, September 22 2006

George Dalton grew up in Cleveland Heights and worked as an architect in Cleveland between 1943 and 1984. In this 2006 interview, Dalton discusses his work in the city and offers his thoughts on Cleveland's urban development. Dalton briefly describes his work on the MetroHealth Medical Center and the various architectural firms he has worked for, spending most of the interview in discussion of Euclid Avenue and how it has changed over the years. He laments the death of the streetcar lines and the failed attempts in the post-war period to build a subway under Euclid Avenue. Cleveland's assets, however, remain in place according to Dalton, and can be used in the future redevelopment of the city.

~ “George Dalton Interview, September 22 2006,” Cleveland Voices, accessed July 16, 2019,

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Subjects: architectsarchitectureWestlake Reed LeskoskyEuclid AvenuesubwaysOral History

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