William Morris interview, September 25 2006

In this 2006 interview, Cleveland architect and Shaker Heights native Bill Morris discusses the evolution of Cleveland, particularly Euclid Avenue, throughout the twentieth-century from an urban development perspective. He shares childhood memories of Euclid Avenue and laments the decline of Euclid Avenue's Millionaires Row and downtown movie theaters. Morris also points to missed opportunities such as the 1948 Downtown Subway Plan and mistakes like the Erieview Project, while offering suggestions for improvements (particularly on the city's lakefront) that could attract more tourists and permanent residents. Throughout, Morris talks about the broader topics of architecture and urban design, discussing his education at Auburn and Cornell, the importance of his early work as a building contractor, and what he sees as the value of an architectural education.

~ “William Morris interview, September 25 2006,” Cleveland Voices, accessed December 19, 2018, https://clevelandvoices.org/items/show/1827.

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Source: engagedscholarship.csuohio.edu
Subjects: architectsarchitectureEuclid AvenuesubwaysMillionaire's RoweducationOral History

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