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Murray Davidson interview, 12 August 2011

Murray Davidson came to Cleveland in 1967 to work for the University Circle Development Foundation. His main professional purpose was to revitalize the University Circle area. He developed intimate professional relationships with many people of the community from all walks of life. He highlights the importance of the University Circle Development Foundation to the community and the new focus of the rebranded University Circle Incorporated. Davidson provides a multitude of interesting stories…

Alexander B. Cook interview, 25 October 2016

Alexander Cook was an editorial cartoonist for the Cleveland Plain Dealer. He also taught art in Cleveland Public Schools for approximately 25 years. By focusing on his teaching career, he mentions busing desegregation and the noticeable change in students' work ethic and discipline. Cook also makes a distinction between suburban schools and city schools. He served in World War II and describes the experience of being one of the first troops in Japan after the dropping of the atomic bombs.

Beth Hoffman interview, 27 October 2016

Beth Hoffman, a native Clevelander, was born to Hungarian immigrant parents. Her father was a pharmacist and owned two drug stores in the Buckeye and East Boulevard Area. She describes this neighborhood in detail and the Hungarian traditions and culture that was practiced and celebrated. Creative writing, especially poetry writing for elementary students, was a passion of hers. Hoffman became very successful in her profession and eventually earned a PhD. Even at Judson she is still educating…

Allen Ford interview, 27 October 2016

Allen Ford's family has been in the area since the early 1800s. He is connected, therefore, to many of the buildings in downtown Cleveland and provides quick histories of many of those places. He worked for Pickands Mather and Standad Oil. He covers various topics that focus on energy sources including OPEC and fracking. He explains the importance for Cleveland to embrace and encourage technologically advanced businesses to come to the city to promote growth.