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George Havens interview, 12 August 2011

George Havens was born in 1924 in Cleveland and grew up in East Cleveland. He graduated from Case College, served in World War II and eventually ended up in the advertising business. The University Circle area was integral to his life, which in the 1930s and 1940s was referred to as the 105th Street area. He frequently ate at Wade Park Manor, attended programs at Severance Hall, and even took a dip in Wade Lagoon. The 105th Street area was very active and Havens shares multiple stories of his…

Murray Davidson interview, 12 August 2011

Murray Davidson came to Cleveland in 1967 to work for the University Circle Development Foundation. His main professional purpose was to revitalize the University Circle area. He developed intimate professional relationships with many people of the community from all walks of life. He highlights the importance of the University Circle Development Foundation to the community and the new focus of the rebranded University Circle Incorporated. Davidson provides a multitude of interesting stories…