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David Goldberg interview, 01 August 2008

David Goldberg, a professor of history at Cleveland State University, discusses the May Day Riot in Cleveland as well as socialism in Cleveland and the US. Goldberg also discusses Little Italy, Italian stone masonry, and the Karamu House, a settlement house in Cleveland.

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Steve Cagan interview, 2006

Steve Cagan came to Cleveland in 1970 for the New University Conference, but soon after arriving his job was eliminated. In his search for a new life direction he became interested in photography. Cagan discusses protests in Cleveland during the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s, especially the anti-war and the Latin-American movements. His exposure to and involvement in these movements spurred his interest in creating progressive and socially conscious art. In the 1970s and 1980s his creative focus took…

Jesse Johnson Interview, 6 August 2013

Jesse Johnson, a retired sergeant first class, was a leader in a local union. He describes his early experiences and how the United States changed after he came back from the war in Korea. He also mentions the riots that occurred in the 1960s, which changed Clevelanders' perception of race relations. He describes various injustices in workplaces and housing. He also describes what it was like being an African American regional leader of a union, and the various battles he fought in order to…

James L. Jones Interview, 18 June 2013

James L. Jones, aka "Buddy" Jones, was born in Union Springs, Alabama, in 1912, the son of a sharecropper. At age 7 the family moved to Matewan, West Virginia, for his father to work in the coalfields. Trouble soon developed when his father became involved in the UMWA's effort to organize coal miners in the region. Jones recalls being evicted from company housing and having to live in a tent. Company-hired "detectives" fired upon the tents at night in the buildup to the infamous Matewan Massacre…

Mary Jane Schiros Interview, 2012

Mary Jane Schiros began working for unions in 1974, at the International Associations of Machinists and Aerospace Workers, District 54. She worked there for 20 years. In this 2012 interview, she discusses her duties and experiences working for a large district union. She also discusses her experiences attempting to join the DALU union and not being allowed.

Joan Yarano Interview, 2012

Joan Yarano has worked for unions since 1953. She began with Local 217 and in 1955 began working for the Cleveland Industrial Union Council. In this 2012 interview she describes her work for the unions and some of her experiences. Yarano was also a member of a union herself, the DALU 1794, which was a union for secretaries who worked for unions. She describes her role within that union and some of the difficulties the union came across during her time in it.

Jene Wilson Interview, 2012

Jene Wilson grew up in a union family, and when she was 16 had her first experience working for a union, the AFLCIO. She describes her experience working for the union as a young girl. Later in life she became part of a teacher's union and became very involved in that. She discusses her involvement in the union, as well as some of the gender issues that she found working for the union.

Ray Clegg Interview, 2005

Ray Clegg is the business manager of Labor Union Local 310. In this 2005 interview he discusses his history with the union and union work in Cleveland. He also discusses buildings in Cleveland and the Cleveland Convention Center

Robert Rosenfeld Interview, 2012

Robert "Buzz" Rosenfeld talks about his experiences as a lawyer in the garment industry in Cleveland. He negotiated with unions for the companies for many years as did his father. He shares his experiences in the industry: negotiations with unions, how some of the factories worked, technology, and comments on its decline in the Cleveland area. He talked briefly about driving the mayor of University Heights in parades.