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Frank Gerlak interview, 17 August 2018

Frank Gerlak, architect and urban planner, discusses the history of Coventry and, more generally, Cleveland Heights. Throughout this discussion he touches on the topics of streetcars, planned suburbs, public transportation, and the nation's obsession with the automobile, which concludes with thoughts on Cleveland's development, growth, and missed chances.

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Salvatore Felice interview, c. 2006

In this undated interview, Salvatore Ronald Felice, retired purchasing and stores superintendent of CTS and later RTA, talks about his experiences with mass transit in Cleveland from the early 1950s until the time of his retirement in the late 1980s. Mr. Felice, who was born in Alliance, Ohio, in 1935, came to Cleveland with his family in the early 1940s, living on the east side near the intersection of Cedar and Fairhill Roads. This was an Italian neighborhood and he talks about what the…

Hunter Morrison interview, 21 July 2006

Hunter Morrison, Director of Youngstown State University's Center for Urban and Regional Studies, served as Cleveland City Planning Director throughout the 1980s and 1990s. In this 2006 interview, Morrison describes his work as a city planner in Cleveland and offers his view on Cleveland's needs for the future. After detailing his early work as a planner in Kenya, Morrison discusses the development of the Euclid Avenue Corridor plan. Much of Morrison's work in Cleveland focused on updating the…

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Frank Porter Jr. Interview, 9 August 2007

Frank Porter Jr., of Central Cadillac-Hummer, discusses the history and role of the company in Cleveland's Midtown Corridor. He discusses the company's origins, the changing environment around the company, and its relationship with Midtown Cleveland Inc. Other topics include the debate over the configuration of the Innerbelt Freeway, the impact of the automotive industry on the area, accomplishments of Midtown Cleveland, and the impact of the Euclid Corridor Transportation Project on the Midtown…