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Tim Daley interview, 12 August 2011

Timothy Daley, Executive Director at Cuyahoga County Soldiers' and Sailors' Monument, describes his involvement with the monument, beginning with his time as a volunteer. He passionately describes the monument's architectural details and what they symbolize. He explains why the current location of the monument was chosen and describes its controversial history. In addition, he provides insight as to the future plans for the monument in terms of its maintenance and restoration.

Richard Baznik interview, 18 June 2008

Richard Baznik, University Historian at Case Western Reserve University, provides a detailed history of the development of the university and describes how the school responded to various national and local events and movements. He notes CWRU's relationship with other cultural and educational institutions in the area.

Hunter Morrison interview, 21 July 2006

Hunter Morrison, Director of Youngstown State University's Center for Urban and Regional Studies, served as Cleveland City Planning Director throughout the 1980s and 1990s. In this 2006 interview, Morrison describes his work as a city planner in Cleveland and offers his view on Cleveland's needs for the future. After detailing his early work as a planner in Kenya, Morrison discusses the development of the Euclid Avenue Corridor plan. Much of Morrison's work in Cleveland focused on updating the…

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Bob Reeves Interview, 18 March 2008

Bob Reeves discusses his involvement with the Cleveland Corporation and University Circle Inc. As Projects Director for the Cleveland Corporation he was involved in a Master Plan for Public Square, including a pedestrian mall which did not materialize. Reeves states several reasons for the eventual rejection of a pedestrian mall and the problems between the Cleveland Corporation and Mayor Dennis Kucinich. He describes the evolving role of UCI as a community development corporation, the decision…

Jim Gibans Interview, 27 July 2006

In this 2006 interview, Jim Gibans, an architect in Cleveland for over four decades, discusses some of his work and gives his opinion on Cleveland's development - past, present and future. Gibans talks about his firm's role in building and renovating Lakeview Terrace and the Outhwaite Homes - two public housing developments in Cleveland - going into detail on Lakeview Terrace's numerous historic murals. Gibans also gives his opinion on the Euclid Corridor Project, Public Square, and what he sees…

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Richard Van Petten Interview, August 2 2006

Richard Van Petten works as an architect in Cleveland, Ohio, presently running his own architectural firm. In this 2006 interview, Van Petten, a contributor to the Euclid Corridor Transportation Project, describes the history of the project and discusses its implications for the city's future. He also shares his thoughts on the current uses of Cleveland's Public Square and lakefront and outlines possibilities for future improvements. At the end of the interview, Van Petten argues for the…

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