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Anne J. Cook Interview, 21 March 2014

Anne J. Cook, New York City native, took residence in Cleveland Heights beginning in 1951. After moving around Cleveland Heights, she and her husband finally settled in the Oxford School district where she remained for fifty years. She was involved with the League of Women Voters as its treasurer and was the first woman trustee of Plymouth Church in Shaker Heights. Due to her husband's job as a geologist, she and her husband created the Mineralogical Society of Cleveland where she is still an…

Doris Vargo Interview, 16 July 2012

Doris Vargo discusses the history of Plymouth Church, its origins in Shaker Heights, and her own personal experiences with the church. This includes the church's community invovlement in Shaker Heights and its progressive beliefs. Vargo also discusses housing in Shaker Heights.

Pat Pogue, 1 August 2012

Pat Pogue is an active member of the Shaker community. She was in charge of the Welcome Wagon for 37 years in Shaker Heights until 1999 when the national organization did away with their community representatives. Pogue loved welcoming newcomers so much that she began a program called the Welcome Basket where she fulfilled the same duties of the Welcome Wagon, but under a different name. She tells stories of her Welcome Wagon experiences and how the organization is an asset to the Shaker…

Robb Forward, 22 June 2012

In this 2012 interview, Robb Forward of Shaker's Brown-Forward Funeral Home, describes his life living in Shaker and the experiences he went through elsewhere. Beginning with his life as a child, he tells stories of Shaker's conservatism in the 1950s and early 1960s, and the role of religion in different ethnic groups. As the turbulent '60s plowed through everyday life, he describes the racial tension and then the anti-war tension, being a Vietnam veteran. Mr. Forward then provides a brief…