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Dorothy Ipavec interview, 24 January 2017

Dorothy Ipavec joined the Cleveland Hiking Club in 1948. She reflects on her experience of hikes and social events, as well as on early members of the club and how they influenced her interest in hiking and canoeing and knowledge of nature.

Sylvia Banks interview, 10 April 2017

Sylvia Banks joined the Cleveland Hiking Club in 1986. She has hiked more than 10,000 miles, served on the club's board and as its photo contest chairman, and enjoyed many trips, including rafting on the Colorado River and hiking in Great Britain. She also recalls memorable experiences in what later became the Cuyahoga Valley National Park.

Jim Sprague interview, 13 April 2017

Jim Sprague joined the Cleveland Hiking Club in 1979 and was an active member through the 1980s. In this short interview, Sprague recalls memorable hikes and illustrious club members he encountered.

Jeff Lennartz interview, 13 April 2017

Jeff Lennartz joined the Cleveland Hiking Club in 1981. In this short interview, Lennartz provides vivid detail about memorable nighttime hikes in North Chagrin, Bedford, and Mill Stream Reservations. He also recalls notable hike leaders, including Jay Beswick.

Rachel Abernethy interview, 17 April 2017

Rachel Abernethy joined the Cleveland Hiking Club in 1980. In this very short interview, she recalls several memorable hikes and reflects on how the club afforded an opportunity for members to forge deep and lasting friendships.

Clare Coulis interview, 18 April 2017

Clare Coulis joined the Cleveland Hiking Club in 1981. Among the stories she relates in this interview are an unexpected snowstorm that hit during a hike along the Ohio River, going to mass in hiking clothes during long hikes, and a hut-to-hut hike in the Green Mountains of New Hampshire.

Warren Davis interview, 21 April 2017

Warren Davis joined the Cleveland Hiking Club in 1988 and hiked a total of 25,135 miles. In this brief interview, Davis describes hiking trips with Elderhostel in Europe. He also discusses notable people and experiences in the hiking club.

Jean and Paul Ruck interview, 24 April 2017

Jean and Paul Ruck have been members of the Cleveland Hiking Club since the late 1980s. Most of the interview is devoted to memories of several hikes, including in Kentucky, West Virginia, Utah, New Zealand and Switzerland.

Ken Howard interview, 04 May 2017

Ken Howard joined the Cleveland Hiking Club in 1979. His parents were active in the club starting in the 1950s. In this short interview, Howard recalls his most memorable hikes and hiking leaders.