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David Goldberg interview, 01 August 2008

David Goldberg, a professor of history at Cleveland State University, discusses the May Day Riot in Cleveland as well as socialism in Cleveland and the US. Goldberg also discusses Little Italy, Italian stone masonry, and the Karamu House, a settlement house in Cleveland.

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Nancy Phillips interview, 29 August 2008

Nancy Phillips, owner of Guarino's restaurant, and her friend Rosemary discuss Little Italy, the Feast of the Assumption, and how the neighborhood has changed. They discuss how Little Italy's reputation is exaggerated, the history of the Alta house, and historic Little Italy.

John Grabowski interview, 23 July 2008

Dr. John Grabowski answers a series of questions concerning the history of Cleveland's entertainment districts and cultural centers. Grabowski highlights the transformation of Euclid Avenue from a wealthy residential street to an entertainment district. Grabowski illuminates the diversity of Cleveland by providing brief historical sketches of various institutions that were located on Euclid Avenue.

Robert Wheeler interview, 18 July 2008

Robert Wheeler, professor of history at Cleveland State University, discusses the history and importance of Euclid Avenue. He describes the local impact of immigration, the development of Cleveland's Little Italy neighborhood, and moments of conflict between ethnic groups. Wheeler also deliberates on the impact of the Cleveland's medical and cultural institutions in the growth of Cleveland's economy and recent revitalization efforts.

Richard Baznik interview, 18 June 2008

Richard Baznik, University Historian at Case Western Reserve University, provides a detailed history of the development of the university and describes how the school responded to various national and local events and movements. He notes CWRU's relationship with other cultural and educational institutions in the area.

Karen Novak interview, 13 June 2007

In this 2007 interview, Karen Novak, a freelance photographer and life long east-side Clevelander, talks about Cleveland's underground rock club scene during the 1990s. One of the venues that she discusses in great detail is the Euclid Tavern which was located at East 116th and Euclid in Cleveland. Ms. Novak reveals an immense amount of her knowledge of rock, punk and other bands from Cleveland and other bands that came to Cleveland in the 1990s. She recounts a number of interesting stories…

Frank Leonardi Interview, 2005

Frank Leonardi, a stone cutter and immigrant from Italy, recollects on his life in Cleveland Mr. Leonardi came to the United States when he was thirteen and his family settled on the east side of Cleveland in the ethnic enclave known as Little Italy. Mr. Leonardi became a stone cutter and graduated from the eighth grade at the age of fifteen. He discusses his family history, buying stones from the Cleveland Quarry, opening up his business, and working in downtown Cleveland. (interview cuts out)

Isaac Haggins Sr. Interview, 6 August 2013

Isaac Haggins was born in New Bern, North Carolina, in 1930. He grew up in Tennessee and Asbury Park, New Jersey. After graduating from West Virginia State College in 1949, Haggins moved to Cleveland to join his brother in the Glenville neighborhood in 1953. In 1956 he bought his first home near Rockefeller Park. After a stint selling shoes, he entered the real estate business, opening an office in Glenville and later in Union-Miles. In 1968 he was the first black real estate broker to open an…

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Fred and Anna Marie Johnson Interview, 2008

Fred Johnson and Anna Marie, long time Cleveland residents discuss growing up in Cleveland as African-Americans. Fred, a former Cleveland policeman, discusses racial discrimination faced by African-American policemen from the 1950's through the 1970's, the Black Shield Officer's Association and National Black Police Association. Anna Marie describes the Cedar Central neighborhood, shopping and movies, streetcars, and layout of neighborhood now known as Fairfax. Other topics include the positive…

Frank Fiorilli and Richard Gallitto Interview, 2011

Frank Fiorilli and Richard Gallitto trace the story of the Little Italy community and Holy Rosary Church. The church represents one of three major community and neighborhood institutions that shaped the community and provided the culture and community that marked the Italian neighborhood during the first three quarters of the twentieth century. Murray Hill School and the Alta House (founded by John D. Rockefeller) provided the education and social resources for immigrant workers and families.…