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Marilyn Anthony interview, 13 September 2006

Marilyn Anthony was born in Cleveland and describes growing up in Ohio City. She remembers the various European enclaves that were present in the area, specifically mentioning Hungarians and Gypsies. She shares her experiences of walking to the West Side Market, bakeries, butchers, and other local shops. Anthony also mentions her relationship to the multitude of ethnic Catholic churches in the area. Finally, Anthony discusses the changes in the neighborhood and how it impacted residents.

Ivan L. Otto Interview, 18 March 2014

Ivan L. Otto, an immigrant to Cleveland, recalls traveling from Hungary as a refugee after World War Two. He describes the schools he went to throughout his life, and how he befriended an African American in the sixth grade who taught him English. According to Otto, they were two outsiders who stuck together. He mentions the different areas and neighborhoods that he lived in as a Clevelander. He also describes the big cases that he worked on as a lawyer. The biggest being the Doan Brook Dam. As…

Lel Somogyi Interview, 20 February 2009

Lel Somogyi of the Hungarian Cultural Garden discusses the garden's history and his involvment with the Cleveland Cultural Gardens Federation. Somogyi describes the garden's development within the historical context of Cleveland's Hungarian community, as well as within the context of American history and culture, and global political events. Somogyi's father was a member of the Hungarian Parliament prior to World War II, and came to the United States as a political refugee as the war heightened.…

Elizabeth Szabolcs Interview, 31 March 2005

Elizabeth Szabolcs, a first generation immigrant from Hungary, discusses her life in Hungary and the United States. Ms. Szabolcs discusses her experience during World War I and World War II, her family history, coming the United States, and living in Cleveland.

Andrew Gross Interview, 24 June 2014

Dr. Andrew Gross, a longtime member of the faculty at Cleveland State University (CSU), describes his various experiences and achievements in his academic career. He touches on growing up in Hungary and surviving World War II along with five years of Soviet occupation. He then describes his education. Gross attended McGill University and Case Institute of Technology as an undergraduate, went on to Western Reserve University to get his MBA, and finally received his PhD from Ohio State University.…