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Gary Horvath interview, 10 December 2015

Gary Horvath, a Golden Gloves champion bantam weight boxer during the 1960, talks about his amateur career and about his long-time association with Jimmy Bivins, a Cleveland African-American heavy weight boxer, who was the "Duration" champion during World War II.

Joe Isabella interview, 01 August 2015

Joe Isabella, 88 year old son of the founder of Isabella Bros. Bakery on West 69th Street in the Detroit-Shoreway neighborhood of Cleveland talks about growing up on West 69th Street in the 1930s and 1940s. At the time, the street had many neighborhood shops on it--groceries, candy stores, barber shops, etc. Joe talks about his father Anthony's immigration experience; how his parents met; and how they built a baker on West 69th which one Plain Dealer reader called the west side "Cathedral of…

Archie Garner interview, 28 June 2011

Archie Garner got his start as a baker at Hough Bakery and eventually opened his own bakery, Archie's Lakeshore Bakery. Garner describes the competitive nature of the bakery business and discusses the legacy of the Hough Bakery. He explains how his bakery invests time in the community by training local youth in the business.

Bert Saltzman interview, 15 July 2008

Burt Saltzman, the owner of Dave's Supermarkets, illuminates why the neighborhood supermarket is still essential to Cleveland. Through the years, Dave's has remained a fixture in Cleveland. Dave's achieved this by providing customers with the not-forgotten personal touch to service of a by-gone era. Saltzman describes how Dave's has grown and expanded through the years and by doing so offers a new perspective on how the neighborhoods in Cleveland have changed and developed.

Maurice Abood interview, 01 April 2016

Maurice Abood, Vice President of Aladdin's Baking Company, explains how the business came into being in Cleveland, OH as well as his immigration to Cleveland from, Aitaneet, a village in the Beqaa Valley in Lebanon. He details his transfer from working as a bartender at the local Sheraton hotel to establishing one of the most successful businesses in pita bread making and Lebanese cuisine in the heart of Cleveland.

Tommy Fello Interview, 11 April 2012

Tommy Fello, owner of Tommy's in Coventry, discusses growing up in Cleveland Heights and starting his drug store/restaurant. Fello discusses the supportive community in Coventry, the history of the neighborhood, and his move to solely selling food at the Tommy's that exists today.

Laura Hindulak Interview, 8 August 2007

Laura Hindulak, director of marketing for Pierre's Ice Cream in Cleveland's Midtown Corridor, discusses the history of the company in Cleveland. She discusses the company's creation, its multiple locations within the city, its owners, name changes, and marketing strategies. Other topics include the interior of the factory, the production process, and the flavor creation process.

Judy Khoury Interview, 26 July 2012

Judy Khoury is of Middle Eastern decent and operates a stand that sells traditional Middle Eastern cuisine. Khoury has operated a stand at the West Side Market since 1999 and in this interview she describes how she became a vendor at the market along with detailing what it has been like running one of the first "prepared food" stands to open at the market.

Terry Frick Interview, 2012

In this 2012 interview, Terry Frick describes her journey at the West Side Market. Beginning at the market in the 1970s, Frick found herself at the famous "pizza bagel" stand. She tells stories of her first beginnings, Ohio City, and briefly describes Whiskey Island, her favorite Cleveland spot. She ends with expressing what it means to her being apart of the tradition of the West Side Market.

Larry Vistein Interview, 2012

Larry Vistein in this 2012 interview talks about his experience at the West Side Market owning a beef stand. He worked under his father growing up as a cooler boy, and now owns the business. He talks about the changes both in the West Side Market and in the surrounding neighborhood. He also talks about how his business works: where he gets his meats, butchering, and selling.

Richard Calabrese Interview, 2012

In this 2012 interview, fruit vendor Richard Calabrese speaks about his life at the West Side Market. He briefly describes how his grandmother started the business as an Italian immigrant, and how immigration influenced how the West Side Market operated and still operates today. Calabrese describes going to the market with his family at a young age, and how his family was spread all over Cleveland as vendors, before coming back together at the West Side Market. He tells stories of how the market…

Gordon Fernegel Interview, 2012

In this 2012 interview, Gordon Fernengel talks about owning a beef and pork stand at the West Side Market. His grandfather owned two meat stores outside the market and then bought a stand in 1922. The stand was passed on to his father and then to him. He explains how his father taught him to pick out beef and butcher it. He also relates how the neighborhood and the customers have changed over time.

Theresa White Interview, 2012

Theresa White, in this 2012 interview, relates her experiences at the market from growing up as a customer to becoming a stand owner. She came with her grandmother as a child, then worked at the market in her teens for several stands. She worked as a butcher for Rolston Poultry, then went on to have her own poultry stand. From there she began her own bakery business, which she continues to operate to the present day.

Denise Kahwegi Interview, 2012

In this 2012 interview, Denise Kahwegi talks about the bakery stand, Cake Royale, owned by herself and her husband. She talks about how they got their business started and how they came to the West Side Market from Texas. She discusses what she loves about the market. She explains how their business works, and how the market has played a role in that, She shares memories about their first day at the market and the tenacity of customers there. She hopes her sons will continue the business.