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Dorothy Ipavec interview, 24 January 2017

Dorothy Ipavec joined the Cleveland Hiking Club in 1948. She reflects on her experience of hikes and social events, as well as on early members of the club and how they influenced her interest in hiking and canoeing and knowledge of nature.

Sylvia Banks interview, 10 April 2017

Sylvia Banks joined the Cleveland Hiking Club in 1986. She has hiked more than 10,000 miles, served on the club's board and as its photo contest chairman, and enjoyed many trips, including rafting on the Colorado River and hiking in Great Britain. She also recalls memorable experiences in what later became the Cuyahoga Valley National Park.

Barb Holtz interview, 31 July 2012

Barb Holtz talks about South Chagrin Reservation. She gives in-depth history and information about Sulphur Springs and Squaw Rock. She also mentions on a variety of events and other points of interest at South Chagrin. Also, she gives some background history on the Metroparks themselves.

Deborah Marcinski interview, 31 July 2012

Deborah Marcinski talks about North Chagrin and Euclid Creek Reservations. While talking about each part of the Metroparks, she also discusses the animals and research projects in which she has participated. At the same time, she tells the history of some of the landmarks of North Chagrin such as Squire's Castle and others.

Debra Shankland interview, 31 July 2012

Debra Shankland is a naturalist at the Cleveland Metroparks. She talks about the Watershed Stewardship Center and West Creek Reservation. She also talks about the geology in West Creek Reservation. She wraps up the interview by talking about the animals found in West Creek.

Sharon Hosko interview, 31 July 2012

Sharon Hosko is a naturalist at the Metroparks. Hosko talks about the Sugarbush. She speaks about the animals, geology, and vegetation. She also talks about Mill Stream and Baldwin Wallace.

Joann Kubicki interview, 02 August 2012

Joan Kubicki is an information specialist at the Metroparks. She talks about the Canalway and Erie Canal Heritage. She also speaks about the animals in the park extensively. She also speaks about invasive species and the arboretum.

Doug Kusak interview, 02 August 2012

Doug Kusak is a history interpreter at the Metroparks. Kusak discusses the Ohio Erie Canal Reservation, including his knowledge of the history of the Ohio and Erie Canal in relation to that of the area. Kusak concludes with a focus on the Washington Reservation.

Foster Brown interview, 2012

Foster Brown is a historical interpreter at Cleveland Metroparks. He tells a number of interesting stories that he would share while working. After that he talks about his work at the Metroparks and he mentions the Brookside Park Zoo.

John Kilgore interview, 27 August 2012

John Kilgore is the chief of engineering and design for the Cleveland Metroparks. He talks about trail projects in the park such as the Lake to Lake Trail. He also tells about the geological history of the area in detail. Other topics are Native American habitation in the area and specific structures that are still in the parks.

Carl Casavecchia interview, 05 September 2012

Carl Casavecchia talks about Bedford Reservation and Garfield Parks. Both parks have a long history. He talks about the history of the Bedford Reservation and how it's changed over the years. He does the same for Garfield Park. His interview focuses on the human history of the parks. He also includes some information on specific species and habitats in the park.

Sharon Hosko

Sharon Hosko the Nature Center Manager in Brecksville talks about the Brecksville reservation. She gives the history of the park, some species that live in the park, and how the park is used by the public. Specifically, she gives a good description of some trees and amphibians species. She also discusses birding as recreation.

Kelly McGinnis interview, 12 August 2012

Kelly McGinnis, a naturalist for Cleveland Metroparks who works at the Brecksville Nature Center, talks about Hinckley Reservation. She talks about the history of the reservation from its founding. A variety of topics are touched on. Wildflowers in the park, bird species, and uses for the park are all covered. She wraps up the interview by telling some interesting stories about important characters from the history of Hinckley Reservation, like Robert Whip.

Michael Durkalec interview, 22 August 2012

Michael Durkalec talks about his work as an aquatic biologist. He talks focuses on the rivers and streams of the Cleveland Metroparks. He briefly covers wetlands as well. He provides a lot of information on the aquatic life in the park and the role of fishing in the park.

Jennifer Greiser interview, 27 August 2012

Jennifer Greiser talks about water management for Metroparks. She describes a number of specific projects to manage runoff, such as rain gardens. She also talks about some different types of projects to manage park resources, such as dam removal and removing infected Ash.

Wendy Weirich interview, 08 August 2012

Wedny Weirich is the center manager for Rocky River Nature Center. The interview covered Huntington Reservation, Rocky River Reservation, Bradley Woods and Big Creek Reservation. She gives a good overview of the highlights of each area. Areas of focus about the parks are trails and organizations. She also discusses some of the flora and fauna of the park and tells some famous stories of the history of the metroparks.

Catherine Poulsen interview, 20 February 2017

Catherine "Cookie" Poulsen, was born in Cleveland in 1950. She was encouraged to interview with Republic Steel through a class assignment. The day after she graduated from high school she started work at Republic Steel in the filing department. Poulsen worked her way up through the ranks at Republic and LTV Steel after the merger in 1984. She worked several departments, including payroll, insurance claims, human resources, and sales. She describes Republic Steel as a family company where all the…

Wendy Weirich interview, 19 May 2011

Wendy Weirich, Director of Outdoor Education at Cleveland Metroparks' Rocky River Nature Center, describes the nature- and history-focused programs offered by the Metroparks. Weirich provides the history of the area and the development of Huntington Park and Beach. She notes the flora and fauna that are native to Huntington Park and provides insight into the Metroparks' plan to rehabilitate the park back to a nature preserve and increase wildlife inhabitance.

Jim Van Arsdale interview, 28 June 2011

Jim Van Arsdale comes from a long line of greenhouse farmers. Due to this early experience in the business, he chose to study horticulture at Ohio State. He comments on the development of the greenhouse business, specifically crop growing. He discusses how national trends and movements in environmentalism, consumerism, and agriculture have affected the greenhouse business. Van Arsdale describes the incorporation of new technologies into food production and notes how those technologies affected…

Joe Calabrese interview, 15 October 2008

Joe Calabrese, CEO and General Manager of the Greater Cleveland RTA, discusses the importance of public transportation. Most of the discussion focuses on the Euclid Corridor Project and its impact on urban renewal, both in the short term and the long term.

Christopher Hubbert interview, 18 June 2008

Christopher Hubbert grew up in Cleveland Heights and describes the area. Throughout his adult life he has lived in Forest Hills and he discusses the development of this neighborhood. He discusses the community atmosphere inherent in the Forest Hills neighborhood, which he attributes to strong resident associations.

Harvey Webster interview, 13 June 2008

Harvey Webster is the Director of Wildlife Resources at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History (CMNH). Webster provides the history of CMNH and highlights the importance of the institution to northeast Ohio, nationally, and globally. From the experience he gained studying endangered animal species; specifically birds of prey, Webster provides vital information on the effects that repetitive human alterations to the natural landscape have on the environment. Webster contends that only once…

Laura Gooch interview, 08 April 2006

Laura Gooch talks about the Hebrew Cultural Garden at Rockefeller Park. She also talks about Cleveland parks and what can be done to revitalize them, while also discussing how to remediate problems at Doan Brook.
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See also Laura Gooch Interview, 11 July 2006 (902010).

Victoria Mills Interview, 2005

This is a 2005 interview of Victoria Mills, Executive Director of the Doan Brook Watershed Partnership, whose offices are at the Shaker Heights Nature Center. Ms. Mills talks about the importance of protecting watershed in the course of city planning, and discusses the unique history of the Doan Brook watershed. She describes what industrialization did to the watershed; the environmental challenges that were presented; and the efforts of community-minded people and government to restorate the…

Tim Donovan Interview, 2005

In this 2005 interview, Tim Donovan, Director of the Ohio Canal Corridor, discusses the history of this non-profit organization dedicated to preserving and restoring the Ohio canal and its towpath. Donovan, who grew up on the west side of Cleveland in the 1950s, and attended St. Ignatius High School and Cleveland State University, recounts early jobs he had in the Cleveland area, including working at Jones & Laughlin's steel mills and serving as a Census Bureau surveyor. He was working at J&L…