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Ed Kovacic interview, 02 January 2000

Edward Kovacic, former Police Chief with the Cleveland Police Department, discusses his involvement investigating the assassination plot against Mayor Dennis Kucinich in 1978. He discusses how the CPD found out about the case, his investigation of the plot, his interactions with the assassin, "The Old Man," and why the investigation ended without an arrest. Other topics include his beginnings with the police department, the Maryland State Police, Dennis Kucinich's relationship with the CPD,…

Robin Yates interview, 07 June 2006

Robin Yates, owner of Brownstone Inn, describes his interest in architecture and the decision to purchase property on Cleveland's east side. Yates colorfully describes Prospect Avenue in the 1970s, then known as a red light district. He describes the relationship between local law enforcement and the residents and property owners in the area. Specifically, Yates notes the importance of citizen advocacy groups and other improvement entities that worked to transform the district. In addition, he…

Judge Ray Pianka Interview, 2005

In this 2005 interview, Raymond Pianka, Judge of the City of Cleveland Housing Court, discusses the Detroit-Shoreway neighborhood. He first discusses the historical ethnicity of the neighborhood, including the immigration of Irish, and then later Italians and Romanians, into the area. He also discusses his own Polish heritage, and talks about his father and grandfather's industrial employment in Cleveland for a large part of the twentieth century. Judge Pianka also talks about the architecture…

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Ted Sande Interview, 16 April 2008

Ted Sande, former Exectutive Director of Western Reserve Historical Society (1981-1993) and Board Member at University Circle Incorporated, discusses his experiences with Cleveland's east side cultural district. Sande describes his work at the Western Reserve Historical Society, including institutional history, various projects and artifacts, details on strategic and financial planning initiatives, and infrastructure improvement. He describes changes in grant distribution and fund raising in the…

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John Pavelich Interview, 19 March 2008

John Pavelich, Chief of University Circle Police Department, has worked for the department since the 1970's. He describes how private police departments are organized, and specifically talks about the history, funding, procedures, and concerns of the UCI police, as well as their working relationship with the Cleveland Police Department. UCI police, act as "ambassadors," to the public in the University Circle area, reducing crime by educating the public in safety issues. He describes the police…

Larry Beam Interview, 18 June 2011

Larry Beam reflects on his eight years as president of the Coventry Neighbors Incorporated, particularly the ending of the Coventry street fair. He also recalls the Jewish organized crime in the area around the 1970s.

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Judy Martin Interview, 2005

Judy Martin is the founder of Survivors: Victims of Tragedy and an active member of various other groups that work to eliminate violence and crime in young adults and children. She is also the leading creator of the Wall of Sorrows in East Cleveland, which is a memorial the children and young adults who have been killed in Cuyahoga County since 1990. Martin discusses her work in the community and the Wall in this 2005 interview.