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Christine Branche Interview, 31 July 2013

Christine Branche describes growing up in Cleveland. She also discusses moving in with her husband and the troubles that she underwent in the 1960s. She was a college-educated woman with tremendous drive and passion. She recalls how she was on the student council in nearly every year of her schooling from middle school through college. She eventually found herself in the Ludlow community and has been there ever since. She shares a tremendous story about attempting to secure a housing loan, but…

James L. Jones Interview, 18 June 2013

James L. Jones, aka "Buddy" Jones, was born in Union Springs, Alabama, in 1912, the son of a sharecropper. At age 7 the family moved to Matewan, West Virginia, for his father to work in the coalfields. Trouble soon developed when his father became involved in the UMWA's effort to organize coal miners in the region. Jones recalls being evicted from company housing and having to live in a tent. Company-hired "detectives" fired upon the tents at night in the buildup to the infamous Matewan Massacre…

Eugene and Emma Ross Interview, 2008

Eugene and Emma Ross, residents of Cleveland's Collinwood neighborhood since 1965, discuss racism in Cleveland. Eugene explains his work as a housing court enforcer for the neighborhood and the need for residents to recognize the laws. Eugene remembers the Hough and Glenville riots, and the discriminatory practices of the police at that time in regards to looting. Other topics include changes in attitude towards discipline by parents and youth.

Joe Lesko Interview, 21 April 2010

Joe Lesko grew up in Cleveland. He lived in the Collinwood area most of his life. He taught at Collinwood High School and recounts the changes in the school and neighborhood during his tenure there. He retired in 1979 and moved out of the community. Joe talks about the racial tensions felt at Collinwood High School and how the National Guard was called in to deal with it in 1968. He fondly remembers some of the students he taught and his own high school basketball coach who mentored him and…

Lawrence Daniel Caswell Interview, 31 July 2014

This interview was conducted as part of Cleveland State University's 50th Anniversary Comemmoration effort. Lawrence Caswell is a native to the Cleveland area and is currently a Radio Engineer for WCPN IdeaStream. He grew up in Bedford Heights, Ohio and enrolled at CSU in 1993. Caswell immediately joined the campus radio station WCSB, eventually becoming its General Manager for a period of time. Along with being a part of WCSB Caswell also was on the staff of The Vindicator and played in…

Wilma Witt Interview, 2005

Wilma Witt grew up in the Collinwood neighborhood during the Great Depression and World War II. In this 2005 interview, she describes life during the war and depression. She also discusses the Collinwood neighborhood and the ethnic communities there, and tells stories about her family.

Frank Lucas Interview, 2011

This is an interview conducted with Frank Lucas, Parish Council President of Our Lady of Perpetual Help Lithuanian parish. The interview begins with talk of the formation of the parish in 1929 to accommodate the growing Lithuanian community in the Collinwood and Euclid neighborhoods. The first part of the interview traces the location of the parish in the early years along with a growing parish community. In 1953 a new church was dedicated and the school and auditorium were built later. As the…